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TV ANCHORMAN is reading the headlines.


And today the International Health Organization admitted that the new flu virus B1H2 is on a verge of pandemic proportions. Cause and seriousness of the virus is yet to be determined.


CuT TO:TV SCREEN : news studio on other television.


AnchorMAN (CONT’D)

So, doctor, what are the main concerns regarding the new flu and the new vaccine?

Dr. Phillip Moore smiles with satisfaction.

Dr. Phillip moore


There are non. The new vaccine will cure all of our worries.

Anchorman is surprised. He leans toward the doctor.



How can we be so sure?

Dr. Phillip rights. He looks straight into the camera.



You will be sure if you take the vaccine. If not you risk.


You mean we risk our lives?


I think I was pretty clear on that.

Dr. Phillip Moore smiles.


Cut to:

TV SCREEN : protestors on the street

Small group of protestors are on the street.

JOHN MAYO (37) is leading the group. News crew is approaching them and filming. John looks into a news camera.

John mayo


This virus is a hoax. It’s a hoax for the public, it’s the hoax for the scientists and, finally, and most important, it’s a biggest hoax for those poor people who ruined their health not by exposing to flu or by ignoring the wise medicine experts but by listening to them.


We want truth! We want truth!





INT. Dakota’s apartment – Day

DAKOTA (23, skinny, pretty, medium height, nice hair, alternative) putts down the remote control. He comes to the windows. She hears PROTESTORS SHOUTING from the window.

Protestors (V.O.)

We want truth! We want truth! Vaccine is the government weapon! We want truth!

Dakota pulls down shutter. She opens the cabinet. Takes two white bottles. There’s a label on them

Label signs : LIPREX, 3 TIMES A DAY.

Dakota sadly looks at the bottle, She takes out a pack of administrative papers from her backpack. On one of them signs “MEDICAL REPORT”. She looks at it. A big stamp “APPROVED FOR DORMITORY” is on the end of it.

Dakota looks at her hand. A needle mark is on the middle of it. It’s a little bit bloody.

Dakota touches it. She makes a painful expression on her face. She covers the needle mark with a long sleeve sweater.

Dakota puts the papers on the table.

She puts the pills into her backpack and takes it. She heads to the door. Her cell phone rings.

Dakota answers.

Dakota (V.O.)


MUSIC grooves from the other side of the line.

Ivy (V.O.)

(over the phone)

Hey, next of kin!

Dakota frowns her face.


Stop calling me that! I always think like I’m your Siamese twin or something!

Ivy (V.O.)

(over the phone)

Well, If you come out of your house right this minute, you’ll have a slight chance to be honoured with becoming a one!

Dakota smiles.


(over the phone)

No, I can’t!


Ivy (V.O.)

(over the phone)

Don’t tell me you’ve got school ’cause school is out, babe!

Over the phone LOUD MUSIC AND CHEERING causes Dakota to remove cell phone from her ear.

Ivy (V.O.) (CONT’D)

(over the phone)

Cuss, are you there? Breath, baby, breath! He, he, don’t worry. University won’t die for three weeks, so it’s cool! Ha ha ha!

Dakota places the cell phone to her ear.


(over the phone)

School is really out?

Ivy (V.O.)

(over the phone)

Yeah, sister! They’ve closed it due to a dangerous and mighty virus! They don’t wont students to have sex and catch it during school time!

Dakota looks at the phone. Protestors are cheering on the streets.


(over the phone)

Thanks for the info, cousin! Listen, I have to run!

Ivy (V.O.)

(over the phone)

No shit you have to run! You’re running with us!

Dakota smiles.


(over the phone)

No, I’m running to protests!

Ivy (V.O.)

(over the phone)

No! Come on! You’re going with us!


(over the phone)


Ivy (V.O.)

(over the phone)

That’s a surprise!

Dakota is walking up and down her room. She’s dwelling.


(over the phone)

I don’t know. I really want to go with you but these protests. This is a historical chance to fight against governmental vaccinating terror with this virus and it’s fuckin masters!

Ivy (V.O.)

(over the phone)

Oh, come one! You sound like frigging combination of Gandhi,  Bob Geldof and Alex Jones!   Protests will go on for days and today is your only chance to hang out with all, and I mean literally, all your friends!


(over the phone)

By, cuss! Gotta run!

Dakota wants to hang up the phone!

Ivy (V.O.)

(over the phone)

Ok, just wait..can you wait for a second!

CAR HORN is heard from the street. Dakota ignores it. CAE HORN is louder and louder. It rings long and continually. Dakota is quizzical.

Ivy (V.O.) (CONT’D)

(over the phone)

Will you finally check who’s pressing the horn like crazy in front of your soon-to-be-abandoned home?

Dakota smiles. She opens the door.

EXT. street outside dakota’s appartmant – day

Dakota comes out. Car is parked in front of her door. PATRICK (24, tall, handsome, athletic, muscular, sport’s jock) sits on the driver’s seat. He presses the car horn. IVY (23, attractive, blond, long legged, slim, in good form, with beautiful breasts) sits on the passengers seat.

When Ivy sees Dakota she shows Patrick to stop pressing the car horn. She comes out of the car. She hugs Dakota. Dakota hugs her and holds her firmly. Dakota looks sad and tired. Ivy looks at Dakota.


(with smile)

Protest fever?


No, I’m beat! I had a lot of paperwork to do for the dormitory!



Well, you did it for nothing. They prolonged the holidays until Monday. Because of the virus!

MIMI (21, short, brunette, pretty, with big breaths, piercing and tatoos) opens the back door of the car.


Cut the crap with story telling and get into a car! We ain’t got all day!

She finishes the beer and throws the can.

Mimi (CONT’D)

You can share your intimacy along the rood.

Ivy smiles. She carouses her on the cheek.


(with a smile)

Come on!


I’m not in the mood! I’ll go to protests and…

All of her friends put their heads out of the car windows.

Ivy rises her hands. She start to direct.


(as a chorus, singing)

“Come with us! Come with us and we’ll come with you”

Ivy direct the chorus.

FriEnds (CONT’D)

(as a chorus)

“If you don’t go on this road trip, you will never get drunk, smoke some pot and have a splendid time…”

Ivy shows the chorus to stop. Dakota LAUGHS. Ivy shows them to start all over again.


(as a chorus, singing)

“..and, of course, you will never, never get to know us which is not so important as knowing how to smoke pot, get drunk and everything else…”

Dakota smiles.


(with a smile)

It doesn’t even rhyme!


(as a chorus, singing)

“We don’t give a fuuuuuccckkk”

She takes her backpack and puts it into the car.


All right! You seduced me! But I have to get back by tomorrow.

Ivy hugs her. Patrick smiles.

Int. Car – day

Dakota sits on the back seat. Patrick looks at his watch.



Where’s that moron?

He looks his right rearview mirror. JAKE (23, tall, pretty, dressed as a school nerd) runs to the car. Patrick sighs.

Jake runs to the car and opens the back door.

Patrick (CONT’D)


It was about fuckin time.

Ivy looks at him and punches him on a funny way.


Hey, don’t insult my friend!

Patrick smiles.


Hey, I was just kidding.

Jake sits on the last free back seat.


Sorry, guys! I had a wrong judgement in time!

Patrick starts the car.



Can you tell us some new excuse? Maybe a little more creative?

Jake looks at him. He is oversensitive.

He turns to Dakota. He smiles at her. Dakota smiles to him.


Ok, then we’re all set!


The car leaves the street.

Ext. city exit – day

The car exits the city.

EXT. road – day

The car goes ahead. The country side is beautiful.

Int. Car – day

Dakota is looking at the landscape from the car. Mimi rolls on a big joint and prepares to smoke it. Ivy is drinking a mix of vodka and energy drink. Patrick drinks beer and drives. When he sees other cars he hides a can of beer.

Jake looks at the country side besides Dakota.

Dakota looks at the row of trees that goes along the road.

Patrick laughs. He drinks his cocktail bottoms up.


If you’re not into looking at and meditating about nature that much, maybe I can tell you the real deal and the destination of this beautiful journey?


(blowing smoke from her mouth)

You’ re taking us to pick up shrooms in this beautiful like farytale nature resort and than here voices in our heads telling us to kill the driver?

Everybody laughs.


It’s even better!


I can’t see then!


Mimi takes a deep smoke and passes on the joint to Jake.


(to Mimi)

No, thanks! I have sensitive lungs! I had pneumonia three times and emboly once when I was a kid and since then I run as hell from any kind of smoke.


Little advice : try not to talk about your embolic lungs in front of the girls. It’s nothing to brag about.

Jake is nervous. Patrick smiles. He looks at Jake through a rearview mirror. Jake notices his eyes. He looks angry.

Patrick (CONT’D)


Relax, man! I’m just fuckin’ with you. It’s a joke!

Ivy casts reproachful glance upon Patrick. Patrick looks at her.


Hey, baby, I am just kidding! I want to make a good atmosphere!

He again turns to Jake.

Patrick (CONT’D)

Man, I’m sorry, ok? Guys, don’t be spoilers? The fun is about to start. About to start with this turn!

Mimi passes on Dakota.


You don’t take even effervescent tablets, let alone marijuana!

Dakota is confused. She wants to say something to defend herself, but she can’t. Mimi gives joint to Ivy.

Mimi (CONT’D)

But I know who’s always ready to say “yes” to a good skunk.

She gives joint to Ivy. Ivy takes the smoke. Cigarette ash falls on Ivy’s breasts, straight to her nipples. She removes it with quick stroke. She dusts it off from her nipples. Mimi looks at this scene with lustful smile.

Patrick turns to a byway. Car is bumping.


Sorry, guys! Well, as I said, in a few moments you’ll witness the most beautiful view on this side of the globe.

The car comes across a wooden fence on the road.

EXT. byway – day

Patrick goes out of the car. He inspects the wooden gate. It’s closed with a dirty, old lock. Patrick kicks the lock and the door. The door falls down of a wooden gate. Patrick throws the door aside. He enters the car and continues uphill on the macadam road.

EXT. macadam road – day

The car goes uphill. The road is steep and car skids due to a bad terrain. The macadam road is covered with stones and bumps. Car is going slowly uphill.

Car hits a bigger stone and draws a little bit from the road. Passengers in the car shake up.

Int. Car – day

Patrick moves the steering wheel to avoid rocks and bumps.

Joint slips out from Mimi’s hand. She bends to the car floor to pick it up. It’s extinguishes. Mimi gets upset.


For fuck sake! I just rolled it right!


Sorry, folks! The road is a little bit odd.

Mimi makes a bitter face.


No shit!

Patrick looks at her with a smile. He avoids the bumps and drives uphill. Ivy opens another can of beer and gives it to Mimi.


Relax! We’ll have plenty of that when we hit the peak!

Mimi takes the beer.


I hope so!

Ivy and Mimi smile. Ivy again looks at Mimi’s breasts. They fill up Ivy’s tight T-shirt. She looks at it and calms down.

Dakota looks thought the window. The trees are lower and lower as the car goes uphill. Jake is looking at the branches. He COUGHS.


I hope it’s not the new flu ’cause we’ll then have to throw you out in the woods.



No, it’s the cigar!

Mimi looks at him with rage.


Would you leave me alone with your health file! We’re here to have fun.

The car reaches the top.


Guys, look at it! We’re almost here!

Ext. top of the hill – forest – day

Car goes into the woods on the top. It goes between high trees. Dakota looks at the trees through the window. She’s fascinated. Trees are all around the car. Only a small road leads to the end of the forest.

The car reaches the end of the forest. It bumps and shakes due to a bad road.

EXT. top of the hill – clear field – day

The car comes out of the forest. It stops on the field at the top of the hill. The field is surrounded by forest.

Car stops. Patrick opens the door. Mimi opens the back door. Patrick stands in front of the car and smiles.


Ladies and gents, welcome to paradise!

Jake and Dakota look at the trees. Branches are blooming in white and green leaves. Dakota enjoys looking at it.

Patrick heads to the edge of the field. Ivy and Mimi go with him.

Patrick stands on the edge of the field. Ivy and Mimi stand beside him and look over the edge.

Dakota runs to them and stands on the edge. She looks. She is stunned. The view is beautiful. It almost covers all the nature until the road that leads out of the city. Dakota is thrilled looking at rows of trees, two small lakes and fields covered with flowers.

Patrick is looking at Ivy and Mimi. Dakota looks at him with respect.

Patrick (CONT’D)

You’re welcome, you’re welcome!

Mimi looks at this, she laughs.


I think I’m not drunk enough to enjoy all this! This nature is too much for my smog infected lungs! I have to wash it up with something.

She smiles cynically to Ivy and Dakota and leaves. Ivy smiles.


It’s beautiful!

Patrick shows Dakota to the right.


And check that out!

Dakota looks where Patrick finger is directing her. A small waterfall is coming down the hill. Dakota is stunned.


This..this is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.

Patrick smiles.


You’re welcome! You’re welcome!

Dakota is embarrassed.


Oh, Patrick, I’m sorry! Thank you very much for this.

She kisses him on the cheek.


(with a smile)

Stay off my man!

Dakota smiles. She hugs Ivy.


Thanks, cuss, for persuading me to come here! I had a shity day and I wanted to go to protests but this is…much, much better.

Patrick hugs Ivy. His hand is on Ivy’s behind. He tries to grab her but she pushes him away.


(with sensual smile)

Baby, hold on! We’ve got all night!

Patrick ignores Ivy’s  .


Baby, I can’t chill!

Dakota looks at the scene. She sees Patrick and Ivy. She’s uncomfortable. She coughs. Ivy hears her. Dakota coughs harder. Ivy removes Patrick’s hand from her behind.


(to Patrick, ashamed)

Dakota’s watching!

(to Dakota)

Hey, sorry!

Dakota shows with her hand that’s OK. She is whooping. Ivy approaches her.

Ivy (CONT’D)

Are you OK?

Dakota stops coughing.


(without breath)

Yeah, I’m OK. It’s cool.

Dakota (CONT’D)

Listen, enjoy you two!

Dakota leaves to the forest.


Hey, what’ll you do?

Dakota shows with her fingers that she’s going to walk around the forest.

Dakota goes into the forest. Ivy looks at waits for Dakota to move out of sight. She turns to Patrick.

Patrick grabs Ivy. They make out.

Patrick takes her hand and puts it on his thighs. He directs the hand towards the zipper of his jeans. She caresses him. Patrick SIGHS with comfort. She reaches out his zipper. She unzip’s him slowly. She comes to the end of the zipper. She puts her hand in the slit of his pants. Patrick SIGHS. He closes his eyes.

JAKE  (V.O.)


Come here! Quick!

Ivy trembles because of Mimi’s shouting. She lets Patrick. Patrick is furious.


(shouting, angry)

What the fuck do you want?

He looks forward. He sees Jake. Jake is showing them to come quickly.

Patrick get upset. Ivy takes him by the hand and shows him to go on. Patrick hits the tree angrily and comes with them.

They approach Jake. Patrick is looking at him angirly.

Patrick (CONT’D)

What the fuck do you want?

Jake is upset with Patrick’s tone.


I suppose you didn’t prepare….

He loses his voice. He starts to cough. Ivy looks at him curiously. Jake stops coughing. He turns his finger in the other direction. Patrick looks there. A tent is raised at the other end of the field.

Patrick looks at it suspiciously.

Mimi stands at the middle of the field and smokes a pipe.



You checked the tent?

Mimi takes a deep smoke. She looks at Patrick. She exhales the marijuana smoke.



Patrick give up on Mimi and shows Jake to come with him. They approach the tent.

EXT. top of the hill – in front of the tent – day

The tent is closed. Patrick leans forward to check if anybody is inside.


Hello! Anybody there!?

Patrick tries to open the tent. He unzips the entrance. He opens it. He sees a somebody lying on the side in the sleeping bag. He comes near.

Int./ext. In front of the tent/tent – day/day

Patrick comes in to the tent.



Patrick goes very close on him. He looks weather man is alive. Suddenly the man jumps. He has a big military knife in his hand. He tries to stab Patrick. He misses the knife and pulls out of the tent and hits the ground.


EXT. top of the hill – forest – daY

Dakota hears Ivy’s scream. She runs back.

EXT. tOP OF THE HILL – clEar field – IN front of the tent – day

Ivy stands stoned cold. Jake is confused. He doesn’t know what to do.

Patrick lays on the ground. JOHN MAYO (37, short, shaggy, drowsy, in dirty clothes,  alternative) stands in front of them with a knife in his hand. He is scared.


(in a trembling voice)

Who the fuck are you?

Patrick looks at him. Patrick stands up fast and wants to surprise John. John Mayo points the knife at him.

John mayo (CONT’D)

Don’t move!

Patrick stops.


Dakota sees Ivy. She heads back to the clear field. She is running fast. As she runs she losses her breath and coughs.

Dakota stops. She tries to recover.


John Mayo looks around. He sees Ivy who’s petrified, Mimi who’s smoking a joint and Jake who’s standing right to him not doing nothing.


Wanna a smoke?

John Mayo loosens up on this words.

John mayo

Nobody followed you here?

Jake looks at him.



John is suspicious.


Cops? Strange people? Hitchhikers?  Curios guys on the road?

Jake looks at him trying to loosen up the situation.



We’re alone! We’re for a weekend!

John Mayo is still suspicious.


(with trembling voice)

Who are you?

John lovers the knife.

John mayo


I am John! John Mayo.

Patrick tries to stand up and comes closer to John. John quickly raises his knife.

John looks at them with fear. He holds the knife. Mimi smiles at him. Her smile is a combination of cynicism and scare. John looks at them. Jake coughs. Ivy turns to the forest where Dakota left.



Where’s Dakota?


Dakota normalizes her breathing. She looks at the trees.


Trees are changing shape. They are blurred and gray. Branches and treetops are turning into blood soaked sticky mass. Dakota is terrified. She looks in to direction of her friends. They look like shadows. Dakota goes back slowly.

CHILLY AND CREEPY MURMUR covers Dakota’s head. He escapes and runs faster.

Blood is dripping from the treetops.


Her cough becomes more obsessive.

She stumbles but she stays oriented. The treetops are dripping more and more blood. Dakota has a feeling that she slips on the blood. She goes back faster.

Dakota has a feeling that CREPPY MURMER is coming near. She runs back.

EXT. tOP OF THE HILL – FOREST – treelined path – day

Dakota comes near a small tree lined path. The path leads to the darker and deeper part of the forest. She stops. She’s scared. Another CREEPY NOISE comes from the deeper part of the forest. She shivers.

CREPPY MURMER is behind her. She doesn’t know where to go.

She slips and falls.


Ivy runs into the forests. She looks for Dakota. Two  shadows are behind her. She runs forward.

Ext. Top OF THE HILL – FOREST – treelined path – day

She looks in the direction of clear field. She sees Ivy. She waves at her. Ivy turns. Ivy is covered in blood.

She opens the backpack and tries to find her pills. She is clumsy, the pills fall on the grounds. Dakota bends to pick it up. She stumbles on a root of the tree sticking out of the ground. She hits her head. She lays on the ground. CREEPY NOISE is getting closer and closer. She reaches out to grab her pills. She can’t get to them. She crawls. Treetops are coming down. She puts out her head in the last attempt to reach the pills. Dakota has a feeling that CREEPY NOISE is just behind her. NOISE is unbearable. She grabs the pills. She takes three of them and swallow it quickly.

She falls on her back. CREEPY NOISE disappears. Treetops get beck to normal. Dakota coughs one more time and then she calms down. She closes her eyes.

Fade in :

Fade out :

Dakota has a feeling like somebody pinched her.

Dakota lies on the ground. She opens her eyes a little bit.

She looks at the skies. The light reflects on the treetops. She opens her eyes fully.

DAKOTA’S POINT OF VIEW : She sees Ivy slowly coming. Ivy is cov/strongered in light. She gives her hand to Dakota. Dakota takes it. Ivy smiles. She caresses Dakota’s hair. Dakota lifts a little bit. Ivy helps her.


(with gentle voice)

Where did you go? We were looking all over for you!

Dakota smiles. Ivy helps her to get up.

Ivy (CONT’D)

You have to see the field! It’s beautiful!

Dakota smiles. Ivy lifts her a little more. The birds are CHIRPING. The nature is blooming and it looks beautiful. Dakota smiles with joy. Ivy holds her and smiles.

Dakota sees someone approaching Ivy from the back. Dakota looks at him. Ivy notices that Dakota’s looking over her back.

Ivy (CONT’D)

What’s there, D.?

DAKOTA’S POINT OF VIEW : She sees a black silhouette approaching behind Ivy. The silhouette becomes sharpen. Ivy turns to the silhouette.

Ivy (CONT’D)

Oh, that’s a friend of ours! Honey, don’t you recognize him?

Dakota looks at the silhouette. It comes out to light. It’s a human who’s head is all covered in blood. The face is not recognizable because of the blood. A little pieces of limy mass that looks like the brain stick out from the head.

Dakota is scared. She tries to find bottle with pills with her eyes. Vision comes closer to Ivy and Dakota. Dakota madly looks for her pills.

Ivy looks at Dakota. She goes down and lifts the pills from the ground. Dakota reaches out for her pills. The vision comes closer. Dakota is petrified. She tries to take her pills.

Ivy opens the bottle.

Ivy (CONT’D)

Honey, is this what you’re looking for?

Ivy smiles. Dakota tries to take them. Ivy holds them firmly.

Ivy (CONT’D)


Oh, honey, but I didn’t know you’re sick! These are psychiatric pills. What’s happening with you!

Dakota tries to take the pills. She is fighting with Ivy to take them. Vision is right behind Ivy. It looks into Dakota. Blood from its head drips on Ivy’s shoulder. Dakota looks at that completely petrified.

Ivy (CONT’D)

Don’t worry! It’s your friend! He won’t hurt you! He just wants to see how are you doing. Aren’t you?

Ivy turns to vision. Vision’s head is right next do Dakota’s head.

It drips blood onto Ivy’s mouth. Ivy smiles. Vision reaches out for Dakota.

Dakota takes the pills from Ivy’s hand. Ivy makes a painful expression on her face.

Ivy (CONT’D)

Oh! I would’ve given them to you if you had asked me to.

Vision hands reach out for Dakota’s face. She quickly takes the pills. Vision’s hands are rotten and decaying.

Dakota swallows three pills. Ivy looks concerned.

Ivy (CONT’D)

Oh, honey! You are really sick, aren’t you?

Visions hands are next to Dakota’s face. She tries to avoid vision’s hands. Ivy takes Dakota by the back of her head and closes her head to vision’s hands.



No! No! No!

Decaying hands take Dakota by her hands. Ivy smiles and help the vision to take Dakota.

Dakota’s eyes are wide open in fear.

Dark falls on the forest. It falls quickly and unusually, like in dreams.

Dakota quickly closes her eyes. She can’t close them. Parts of rotten flash fall on her eyes.

Dakota (CONT’D)


No! No! Noooo!



Int. Tent – night

Dakota opens her eyes. She’s lays a tent. HOUSE MUSIC from outside the tent rocks the tent. She is confused. She looks all around. She sees her backpack in the tent and sees Jake’s sport bag beside her backpack. She slowly gets up.

She inspects the tent. She sees her pills right next to her. She takes them and puts them in the pocket of her dux.

NOISES from outside the tent are louder.

Ivy (V.O.)

(from outside)

Give me the bottle, bitch!

LAUGHS interrupts Ivy.

Mimi (V.O.)

(from outside)

Come here and get it yourself, bitch!

Dakota gets up.

She touches her head. Everything is fine. She sighs with relief.

She opens the tent.


Dakota looks at the field. Car is turned on and it’s headlights light up the field. LOUD HOUSE MUSIC echoes from the car speakers. Three more tents are placed on the field.

Dakota approaches the crowd.

In front of here, a small bonfire gives the source of light.

Dakota’s friends sit around the fire.

Dakota is looking at the bonfire. A hand touches her shoulder. She shakes and turns around.

John mayo

(with a big smile)

Well, hello there!

Dakota smiles. She recognizes John.



Hi! I…

John smiles.


You must me Dakota?

He shakes Dakota’s hand.




(interrupts him)

John Mayo. You’re the deputy secretary of Libertarian movement!

John smiles satisfied.

John mayo

Well, then it’s even more pleasure to meet you, sister!

John kisses Dakota in the cheek. Dakota is embarrassed.

John shows Dakota with it’s hand to sit. Dakota sits.

Ivy notices her. She quickly stands up and approaches Dakota.

She kisses her.


Hey, couss! Are you OK?

Dakota nods her head. She takes her by the hand and pulls her aside.

Ivy (CONT’D)


You’re on the pill again?

Dakota is uncomfortable. She is silent.

Ivy (CONT’D)

You had to tell me that! What if something worse than passing out in the forest happens to you?

Dakota is a little bit angry.


It’s my problem!

Ivy realizes that she over reacted.


I know but I’m here for you. You should’ve told me. I’m here to help.

Ivy caresses her hand.

Ivy (CONT’D)

Since when you hide things about your problems from me?


Dakota calms down. She becomes unsteady.


Yeah, I know! I forgot to take the pills on time! It’s my fault!

Ivy is smiling. Music is louder.


Just tell me when you want to walk! It’s more fun when there are two of us!

Dakota smiles. Ivy hugs her. Dakota coughs a little bit.

Ivy (CONT’D)

What’s with the cough?


I don’t know! I guess you clenched me too hard.

Mimi smokes her joint and gives it to John Mayo.

He inhales a big smoke. He passes on the joint to Patrick who sits beside him. John holds the smoke for some time and then he exhales it.


Wow! Good shit!

Patrick inhales the smoke. Mimi smiles.


So tell us the biggest secret? What were you doing alone in the middle of this god damn wilderness?

John Mayo smiles.


Running from the cops.

Dakota looks at him seriously.


What? Protests have gone bad?

John Mayo nods his head.


No shit! I had no idea that virus crap had gone that far!

John mayo

Yap! And it’s gonna be even worse!

Dakota is worried. She looks at the others. Patrick smiles and kisses Ivy. Jake sits beside Patrick.

Patrick gives the joint to Ivy. She smiles and takes a big smoke. She leans to Patrick and blows the smoke to his mouth. He does the same. Mimi takes the joint out of Ivy’s hand and gives it to Jake. Jake holds it in his hand and doesn’t know what to do.


It won’t bite you!

Jake smiles and takes a puff. He immediately starts to cough. Mimi wants to take the joint from him but Jake takes another smoke, this time even harder. He inhales it successfully.

Mimi (CONT’D)

You’re a big boy now!

Patrick smiles to Jake.



Now you can just find a girl…or a boy ’cause the choice is limited ’round here, my friend!



You are settled so I don’t have to chose!

Patrick becomes angry.


What the fuck did you say?

Ivy strikes Patrick.



Patrick looks at Ivy.


Who’s side are you on?

Ivy caresses Patrick’s cheek.


Yours, baby! But don’t try to play jokes on expense of my third grade friend!

Ivy kisses Patrick.

Ivy (CONT’D)

Come on, baby! You’re smarter then you act!

Patrick smiles.


Damn right I am!

Jake smiles. Mimi takes the joint. She takes another smoke.


You walked to here? If you did that, it was a hell of a walk!

John Mayo smiles.


No shit I am going to walk miles and miles…even if it is for freedom!

They all laugh. Dakota is embarrassed.


I knew they’re going to follow me so I left the car, threw away my cell phone and got here. I climbed the fuckin hill all day yesterday and passed out! And that’s when you trespassed my home, sweet home!

John Mayo sticks his military knife in front of him.


So why are you making all that fuss over the flu?

(with a smile)

Personally, I don’t give a fuck for any kind of flu, cold or anything that small!

John plays with his knife. Jake is looking at him with interest.


Flu is a virus, like any other. Tough is much more dangerous then the usual flu. Vaccine is the problem.

Jake feels uncomfortable. He leans toward John.


How do you mean? There’s not enough for everybody?


There’s too much for everybody. After state of pandemic danger was declared, National Health Centre announced they have the updated state-of-the-art vaccine, much safer and better then vaccine for swine flu.

John Mayo continues to play with it’s knife. He makes holes in the ground with his sharp knife. Everyone are listening to John. Mimi offers others with joint but their look is centered on John’s story.

John mayo (CONT’D)

But the new vaccine isn’t a vaccine. It’s placebo!

Dakota is uneasy. Jake becomes nervous.




John continues to drill the ground with his knife.


All other vaccines are basically a little portions of the virus injected into your body. Then your body produced antibodies for that virus and destroys it.

Patrick smiles.



OK, we ain’t that stupid. We know what vaccines are.

John smiles and continues to drill the hole.


Yeah, but there is something you don’t know. Our ingenious pharmacists discovered that their vaccine is not working but they already had contracts with all European governments and with the Americans. So they didn’t want to cut down on their hanky panky profits. At that time they experimented with some new placebo drugs for Pituitary gland also known as hypophysis. That drug supposed to be revolutionary and boost the hypophysis functions only by stimulating them by placebo effect.

Mimi finishes the joint.


That’s so cool!

John Mayo runs his knife even deeper into the ground.


So they came up with a brilliant idea to use that drug on healthy hypophysis and stimulate them to produce antibodies for the flu virus and all other viruses without injecting it. But they missed one crucial thing…

John Mayo stabs the knife deep into the ground. Jake looks at him with tension.

John mayo (CONT’D)

The drug didn’t have that effect on Anterior and Posterior Pituitary only. But it had enormous effect on Intermediate globe of the hypophysis. Effect so enormous that Intermediate globe grows and totally covers the Anterior and Posterior Pituitary.

Dakota is worried. Ivy looks at John.


English, please?


That means that ones who take the vaccine go crazy.

Dakota is scared. Ivy cuddles up to Patrick closely. He hugs her. Jake is even more nervous. John looks at them. He drills with his knife deeper.


You’re all clean? Right?

John quickly pulls out his knife. It reflects on the fire.

Dakota looks at John.


Yeah, we are clean.

Ivy looks at John. Patrick looks at John’s knife with suspicion. Mimi takes a sip of her drink.


I don’t believe in that crap! Vaccine or not vaccine it’s all the fuckin same!


No one’s taken the vaccine! Right?

She turns to Jake. Jake is confused.

Ivy (CONT’D)


Jake is focused again.


Right, right! I haven’t taken it.

Jake’s veins pulse. Dakota sees her veins pulsing. She covers them.

John smiles. He returns his knife to the ground.


That’s cool.


We wanted to publish the story to the people so they don’t do it. But then the arrests begun.


That’s awful! I knew there’s some story behind it!

John looks at the scared people around him. Patrick stands up.


Don’t worry, my friends. I don’t believe in this liberal crap story! It’s time to party!

Patrick turns the music up. HOUSE MUSIC is louder.  Ivy takes Patrick by his hand and their start their dirty dance.

Mimi takes Jake by the hand. Jake refuses but Mimi pull him and bends over him.

Patrick and Ivy make out in the rhythm of the music.

Jake is confused at the moment but he relax and takes over the game.

HOUSE MUSIC climaxes. John looks at Dakota. He smiles to her.

Dakota is shy. She tries to hide from John’s look but she makes eyes with him. John smiles back to her.

Mimi dances wildly with Jake. She pulls off her T-shirt.

Her bra is on the display. Patrick dances with Ivy. He sees Mimi’s breast and applause to her Mimi. Ivy looks at him with jealousy. He kisses her with passion.

He goes to the car and turns up the volume even louder.

Dakota and John are looking at each other.

Ivy dirty dances around Patrick. She pulls up her shorts. Her panties are almost on the display. Music is louder.

Mimi looks in their direction. Jake tries to get closer to her. Mimi holds him at the distance from here. She sees that everybody are dancing and enjoying.

She goes out to the car and suddenly stops the music.


(to Ivy and Dakota)

Girl scouts, pay attention, please!

Ivy takes Dakota by the hand.

Everybody are gathered around the bonfire. Mimi is looking at them. She is only wearing a bra. Patrick turns down the music.

Mimi (CONT’D)

I’m glad you’re all here tonight!

(she turns to Dakota)

Safe and sound…

(she turns to John Mayo)

And without a vaccine. So this little expedition of ours wouldn’t be so interesting if we didn’t have a little surprise!


Your tits on the bonfire?


Even better!

Mimi slowly reaches out for her bra. She slowly puts it down.

Patrick watches the scene with his mouth open.

Ivy hits Patrick. He smiles and hugs her. She kisses him and shows him to watch out with his finger.

Mimi continues with her striptease. She puts down part of her bro. Her right breast is naked. On her nipple there’s a little package fasten with a duck tape.

John Mayo laughs. Jake is sweating and coughing. Patrick applause and Ivy and Dakota confused.

Mimi goes down to her nipple slowly caressing her breast. When she comes to it, she licks her finger and tears off the duck tape from her nipple.

She SIGHS with excitement.

She shows the little package to everybody.

Mimi (CONT’D)

Are you ready for my treat, boys and girls?

Patrick cheers.



Mimi opens the package. It’s full of Poppers ampullas and ecstasies.


Fuck the collage! Fuck the virus and fuck this fucked up world! This weekend we’re creating a much better one! And it’s only ours!

Everybody applaud.

Mimi takes one Popper. She sniffs it. She shakes with desire and then takes the ecstasy. She puts it in her mouth and swallows it passionately.

Mimi again turns up the music. He pops up the volume even louder.

She goes to Jake and she gives him the Popper. She hangs on him and puts the Popper right into his nostril.

Jake is confused. She breaks the ampulla and closes his other nostril. He sniffs it. He get excited.

Patrick laughs.

Mimi takes the ecstacy and gives him to swallow it. He swallows it quickly.

Mimi goes to the other side of the bonfire and gives the package to Patrick. He takes the popper and breaks it.

He gives it to Ivy. She sniffs it fast. He takes the ecstacy. He puts it in Ivy’s mouth. Ivy licks his finger. She swallows the pill.

Mimi takes the package and gives it to Dakota. Dakota shows with her finger that she won’t take it.

Mimi comes closer. She cuddles her breasts.

Mimi (CONT’D)

Come on! We can have some fun! You and me, baby!

Mimi smiles. She wants to put the popper in her nostril. Dakota pushes away her hand and runs. Mimi smiles like she’s underestimating Dakota. She gives the package to John Mayo.

Mimi (CONT’D)

I’m not going to feed you, revolutionary! I don’t know you!

John Mayo smiles. He takes the popper and sniffs it experientially. He swallows the ecstacy quickly.

Mimi (CONT’D)

(looking at him)

And I don’t trust a word you’ve said!

John Mayo smiles.


Me either!

He smiles to Dakota. Dakota smiles at him. John walks to the Dakota who moved a little bit from the fire.

He sits besides her. She smiles.

Patrick pumps up the volume more.

He dances with Ivy. They again dance all over each other. Quickly they start to make out.

Mimi dances with Jake. Jake becomes to sweat and he coughs. Mimi catches him and starts wrap around him.

Dakota and John Mayo sit close to tbe bonfire.

HOUSE MUSIC is very loud and it comes from the car speakers.

John Mayo sits close to Dakota.


I watched your documentary about NSTA! It’s brilliant! I mean…to what extent has this deceit gone!

John Mayo smiles.

John mayo

Well, that’s the real job of National Security Task Force! Not to serve and protect but to make prison camps and arrest! Fuck the floods, Cunami, rains, snow storms, earthquakes! They’re here to enslave us! Big time!

Dakota is charmed with John Story.

John mayo (CONT’D)

But that’s not the only thing. They’re even opening prison camps for immigrant’s children these days. I lived next to one. If you are an immigrant and you have little children they can’t stay free.

Dakota looks at him with a loving glance.


I was just getting ready to storm that children’s camp and record what’ happening there. If you are interested I can take you there!

Dakota looks at him with admiration.


You really mean that?

John mayo

Of course. But it has to be secret. We are planing some undercover action and all a few people know about it. I see you’re on our side so I’m offering this to you!

Dakota is thrilled.


Oh, I don’t know what to say. That’s…that’s…

John mayo

Of course, If you had not taken the vaccine! But really

She starts to cough on his words. Jake coughs at the same time.

John Mayo looks Dakota with suspicion.


Have you?

Dakota is confused.


No, no…God forbid! I haven’t taken anything. I’m taking this pills right now and…but this is great! Thank you so much for this honour!

She caresses his hand. John Mayo caresses her hand. She looks at him lovingly.


But how did you get here? I mean when I saw you I though I was dreaming!

John looks at here. He opens his mouth. THE MUSIC is unbearably loud.

Ivy looks at the direction of Dakota. She sees her talking with John. Patrick turns her head in his direction.

Patrick and Ivy dance. Patrick spills vodka on Ivy’s stomach and breasts. He licks it. Ivy is sexually exited. Jake looks at that. Jake tries to touch Mimi’s breasts but she goes away and joins Patrick and Ivy. She french kisses Ivy in the mouth. Jake looks at this. He stands alone. Ivy and Mimi kiss. Patrick comes along. He kisses Ivy. Mimi lick her body as Patrick kisses her. Jake  watches the scene. Ivy’s nipples are hard and pop out of her T-shirt.

Jake is watching. He gets excited.

Dakota (CONT’D)

And that’s unbelievable. I can’t  The human rights are now violated. Like it was not enough that our civil right were violated and so…

She turns to John. John is watching the scene with Mimy, Patrick and Ivy. Dakota stands up. She wants to go to the tent. John turns to here.


Dakota, wait!


No, I see you’re here to party so enjoy the night!

Dakota leaves to the tent. John takes her by the hand and gets up.

John Mayo

Hey, we can have little fun to! Don’t you think?

Dakota tries to pull out of John’s hands. She does that. He stands in front of here.


Come on! Just a little more! Please?

Dakota looks at him. John takes the bottle of whisky that stands on the ground. He takes a sip from the bottle and gives it to Dakota.

Mimi and Ivy stop with their game. Mimi looks at Dakota.

Mimi goes into John and Dakota’s direction.

Ivy shows to Jake that he can have a drink with them.

Patrick shows Ivy not to call him. Jake comes. Patrick takes Ivy by her waist and lifts her up.



No! No! Put me down, you crazy!

He puts her down. Jake comes. Patrick and Ivy turn their backs on him. Jake stands and looks at them.

Patrick puts Ivy down and gives her the drink. They make out with passion. Jake sits in front of the bonfire and looks at it.

Mimi comes to Dakota and John. John gives whiskey to Dakota. She doesn’t want to take it.

John Insist. Mimi takes the whiskey and she drinks. She hugs Dakota and tries to give her the whiskey.




Mimi leaves her. Dakota wants to go the tent. She coughs. John Mayo takes her by the hand.


I’ll walk you there!

Mimi looks at them. She continues to jump and dance.

John holds her hand. John losses his ground. Dakota looks at him. She becomes more nervous.



So, lady, you were using my tent. That means you have to pay the rent because that using continues!

Dakota looks at him.

JOHN MAYO – DAKOTA’S POINT OF VIEW : John Mayo’s head becomes bloody like silhouete’s head in the forest. She tries not to look at him.

Her coughing rages. John hold her tight.


Can you let go of me, please?

John laughs. He acts a little bit uncontrolled because of the drugs and the popper he took.

John lets Dakota but she stands in front of her and blocks her passage.


Listen, Dakota, I mean you’re now going to be part of something biggera and something really important. I got to be sure that you are capable of it.

Dakota holds her eyes down.

JOHN MAYO – DAKOTA’S POV : Mayo’s head leaks more and more blood.

Dakota searches through her pocket. She tries to find her pills. John Mayo jumps in front of here.

John mayo (CONT’D)

So what do you suggest? How can I be sure that you’re the one?

Dakota’s veins pop out. She tries to calm down.

They approach the tent.

EXT. in front OF THE TENT – night

Dakota stops in front of the tent. John Mayo is in front of here and he blocks the entrance to the tent.


Please, let me come in! I’m…I’m not feeling well right now!


We had an agreement. Listen, here’s what I think we can do!

JOHN MAYO – DAKOTA’S POV : John Mayo’s head is soaking with blood. Parts of flesh fall from it. They fall on Dakota’s shirt.



I suggest we sleep together!

John Mayo approaches her closely.



There’s no better way to meet somebody then stick his body next to someone!

He pulls out his knife. Dakota sees it as a worm infected weapon with dripping blood from it.



See, I can protect you! Feel it!

Mayo takes Dakota’s hand and puts it on the knife. In Dakota’s perception the worm crawl on her hand.

Dakota shivers and quickly pulls out her fingers from the knife. She takes out her pills and swallows them quickly.



You are taking psychiatric pills? Shit! A little wacko!

John Mayo reaches out for her face. He caresses her facMayo takes Dakota’s hand and puts it on the knife. In Dakota’s perception the worm crawl on her hand.e and tries to put his finger into her mouth. She puts away his hand. He tries again. She eases up.

John mayo (CONT’D)


Let’s go inside.

He looks her in the face.



It’s more comfortable in the laying position.

His face is terrifying. He tries to kiss her. She SCREAMS. John Mayo tries to hold her.

John mAYO (CONT’D)

(muttered, with big smile)

Shit, you are crazy! Come down!

She tries to release herself from his arms. He won’t let her.

His hands are dripping and the worms from his decaying hands come to Dakota’s.

She tries to escape. He kisses her. She shivers. John Mayo’s lips are soaked with blood.

Dakota becomes angry. John Mayo looks at her. He laughs.

John MaYO (CONT’D)

What the fuck is wrong with you?

John Mayo’s knife is near Dakota’s face. Suddenly Dakota attacks him to protect herself. She scratches his face.

John mAYO (CONT’D)


Ah, Let me go! Aghhh!

She pulls her nails in his face. He pulls out his military knife. He pushes her on the ground. She quickly stands up and attacks him again.

John mayO (CONT’D)


Help! Help!!!!


Ivy hears the help calls. Mimi dances.

She looks into direction of the tent. She sees Dakota and John fighting. She pulls Patrick’s hand.

Patrick and Ivy run. Jake runes with them. Mimi sees the situation. Under influence she runs too.


Dakota hits John and tries to take the knife out of his hands.

He tries to stab her. Patrick grabs John. He kicks him John. John jumps behind. Dakota grabs John again scratches him hard.

Ivy comes, she tries to pull Dakota from John. Jake tries to help also. They succeed. John lies on the ground. He is scared.

John mayo

Get that crazy bitch off of me! Fuck!

Ivy and Patrick pull Dakota. She still wants to fight with John. Her nails are in blood.

Patrick pulls her to the ground. She calms down. She shivers.

John mayo (CONT’D)

Did you know what drug is she on? It’s some fuckin antipsychotic. You bring a crazy bitch over here?

Ivy looks at him.



Better watch your mouth. Or otherwise you’ll tripping back to the city. But on the howl’s wings. You tried to rape her, Ok?

John Mayo distanced it. He leaves for his tent.



Go fuck yourself! All of you!

He closes his tent. Patrick holds Dakota. Dakota is calm down.


Shit, really, what’s going on with her?

Ivy takes Dakota by the hand.


We’ll put her in our tent.

Patrick is surprised. He is furious.



In our tent? What the fuck? I supposed I’ll sleep and drink and get wasted with you tonight! Not with your psycho cousin!

Ivy pushes Patrick. She takes Dakota. Jake helps her.


I’m sleeping with her. And you…go fuck somebody else! Or, this is maybe a better idea : go and fuck yourself!

Ivy and Jake help Dakota get up. They take her to Ivy’s tent.

Patrick rages. Mimi looks at him. She offers him a bottle of whiskey. He takes it and sips it from the bottle.

Int. Ivy’s tent – night

Jake and Ivy open the tent. They put Dakota in the sleeping bag. Dakota sleeps.

Ivy sits beside her.


You need some company!? I can stay if you want.

Ivy looks at Jake with warm glance.


Thank you so much, Jake! Go and have fun! I’ll handle it!

She looks at Dakota’s hands. Her veins are blue and they are pooped out.

Ivy (CONT’D)

What’s with these veins? She looks like she injected antifreeze into her veins?

Jake smiles.

Ivy (CONT’D)

I don’t know, Jake! Yesterday she was normal and today…I don’t know! Maybe we should go home…

LOUD HOUSE MUSIC reaps the conversation.

Ivy (CONT’D)

After our party maniacs had their fun!


This ex and the poppers let go of me as soon as I saw Dakota!

Ivy shows him not to talk about it.


Save it! It’s not worth any trouble!

Ivy covers Dakota. She is shivering a little bit but she’s OK. Jake sits on the ground. He looks at Ivy’s hands.

EXT. toP OF THE HILL – clean field – nigHT

Patrick and Mimi drink from the one bottle. The car is still on. The fire dies down.

Mimi takes a big sip.


Shit, I’m so bored!

She puts away the part of her bra that was on. Patrick looks at here.


Well, the girls are not here! I know boys ain’t your cup of tea!

Mimi smiles. She turns to Patrick.


I know I’m your cup of tea!

Patrick smiles with a macho smile.

Mimi (CONT’D)

I’m bored, you are bored! You got some better idea?

Mimi smiles erotically. She takes off the other part of the bra. Patrick smiles.

He turns up the music. Takes Mimi by the hand.

Int. ivy’s Tent – night

LOUD MUSIC rips the tent again.

Ivy can’t hear anything.


What a idiots! Like they never seen the party before in their lives before!

Ivy nods her head.


I think..maybe those pills did this to her?

Ivy nods her head.


There are only antidepressants. It’s not anything for psychotic stuff and that kind of problems!

Jake leans.


Maybe it’s the scotch?


She hadn’t taken any drugs. Maybe that idiot gave her alcohol, but I don’t know!

She turns to Jake.

Ivy (CONT’D)

Once again : thanks! I’ll stay here with her!

Jake smiles.


I’ll be here with you!


No, I want to sleep! Don’t worry, everything is fine.

Jake smiles. He stands up. Ivy gets up and kisses him on the cheek. Jake goes out.

EXT. forest – night

Patrick has a very satisfied look on his face. He is moaning.

Mimi is kneeling beneath him. She opens his zipper.

Patrick makes a SATISFIED MOAN.


Oh, yeah, baby!


Jake is in front of the bonfire. There’s no one there. He’s stumbling. He wants to go to his tent but he can’t open it.

The  ecstacy effect is ending. It is putting him down. He stumbles around.

He hears some SOUNDS coming out from the forest. He goes there.

EXT. top of the hill – forest – day

Patrick is enjoying. His face is in ecstasy.


Yeah, baby! Come on! That’s it!

Patrick keeps his eyes firmly closed. Suddenly, he hears CRACKLING OF THE BRANCHES on the ground.

Patrick smiles.

PatriCK (CONT’D)

Baby, are you preparing me something wild?

He opens his eyes. He sees Jake who stumbles in front of him.

Mimi laughs. Patrick quickly pulls up his pants.

Jake is sees that Mimi is down on Patrick and that he’s pulling up his pants.

Patrick runs to Jake. He grabs his throat. Jake painfully moans. Patrick hits him. He jams him to a tree. He squeezes his throat. Jake is suffocating.

Patrick (CONT’D)

Listen, you haven’t seen nothing! OK!?

He squeezes his throat even harder. Jake is in real pain.

Patrick (CONT’D)



Jake is in pain.




Patrick lets go of Jake. Jake starts to cough. His veins are becoming all blue.

Mimi is not smiling. Patrick goes straight to her. He takes her hand and grabs her.


Hey, slow down, macho!

Patrick grabs a blanket from the ground. He takes her deeper into the forest.

Jake stumbles back.


Jake COUGHS and stumbles in the field. He almost stumbles straight into bonfire but somehow he manages to miss it.

He stumbles all around the camp. He holds by the car. MUSIC FROM THE CAR still plays loud. He tries to start the car but he can’t move the key.

Jake’s face is totally twisted and cramped. He is sweating. His veins are pulsing.

Jake continues to walk. He goes straight into the forest on the opposite direction of the camp. He stumbles and coughs.

EXT. macadam road – night

Patrick stumbles. His face is totally hysterical. He doesn’t know where he is going. He starts to go downhill on the macadam road.

He stumbles on big rock. He looses his balance.

Jake falls on the ground and starts ROLLING DOWN the macadam road. His body is wounded by the gravel on the macadam road.

He rolls down until he falls into a ditch.

Jake’s eyes close. They suddenly open and then again close. He is unconsciousness.

INT. IVY’S TENT – night

Ivy’s asleep. Dakota is turning around in her sleeping bag. She’s restless.

She can not sleep calmly.

EXT. top OF THE HILL – deeper FOREST -day

Patrick is holding Mimi by the tree. They’re making love. Patrick is passionate about it. He holds his thumb in Mimi’s mouth. Mimi is enjoying. Patrick is in ecstasy.


Yeah, baby! Come on! Give it to me!


Dakota’s eyes suddenly open. Her sight looks direct and aimed.

Ivy doesn’t react. She is sound asleep.

Dakota gets up a little bit. She rolls over her sleeping bag. The expression of Dakota’s eyes is crazy.

EXT. top of the hill – deEPER forest – night

Patrick is very passionate. Mimi enjoys. Patrick takes her very rough.


Ahhh! Come! Come! Aghhhaahh

Patrick is faster and faster. He takes Mimi’s legs and puts them on his shoulders while holding on to her behind.


Yess! OhhH! Yesssss!

Patrick makes a DEEP SIGHS. Mimi also. Patrick releases her. They both fall on the blanket on the ground beneath tree.


Dakota opens the tent. She looks like she’s hypnotized. She walks around the camp. MUSIC stops playing.

Int. Haunted house – night

Dakota walks through a haunted house. She hears someone is playing the piano. He goes into that direction.

She enters the living room of the haunted house.

A FAMILY MEMBER (middle aged or older, wrinkled, with dust on it’s clothes) is playing the piano. Dakota smiles and aproaches to him. The piano melody is very pleasant

Dakota slowly goes to it’s family member. The back of the family member are twitching due to a playing of the piano.

Dakota stops in front of the piano.


(not looking at Dakota)

Hi, honey!

Dakota smiles.


(with a big smile on her face)



(from the back, not looking at her)

You look so scared, my dear!

Dakota becomes sad.




(from the back, not looking at her)

Don’t be scared! If you’ve taken the key with you, you’ll be safe!

Dakota nods her head into negative manner.

Family member stops playing the piano.

Family member turns around. It’ s head is covered in blood. Family member smiles. Dakota SHOUTS. She runs from the room.

EXT. tOP OF THE HILL – deep FOREST – day

Patrick is on the blanket. Mimi lays besides him. Mimi is almost asleep. Patrick looks into her.


Hey, let’s go to tents!

Mimi just looks at him and her head falls to the blanket. She is asleep.

Patrick victoriously smiles. He grabs his testicles.

Patrick (CONT’D)

(to himself)

Way to go, trooper!

Patrick gets up from the blanket. He looks around. He can’t hear music from the clear field any more. The forest is dark. Only moonlight lights a little bit.

Patrick hears STRANGE CRACKLING. He turns his head.

INT. haunted house – night

Dakota runs to the exit door of the house. She tries to open it. She can’t. Family member with his blood dripping head follows her. She stops. She leans to the door. She has no were to go.

Dakota looks around. The walls are dark and dusty.

Family member get closer to Dakota. It smiles Dakota in a friendly way. Family member teeth are soaked in blood. It’s head is soaking with blood. Blood drips on the floor.

Dakota is petrefied.


Patrick is scared. He goes forward to cheek what’s cracking in the bushes. He looks there. The dark is quite big.

INT. haUNTED HOUSE – night

Dakota shivers in fear. Family member comes to Dakota. Family member looks at Dakota. Dakota is shivering. Family member takes Dakota’s hand. Family member’s hand is rotting. Veins on the family member’s hand are pulsing. Family member takes Dakota’s hand.

Family member gives Dakota a big key. The key is gold and heavy.


Remember – you must keep it with you all the time! And never loose it! No matter what happens! And a lot of strange things are about to happen!

Dakota nods her head in a positive manner. She shivers. Her body is paralyzed out of fear.

Family member smiles. Blood dripes from it’s mouth and teeth.  Family member caresses Dakota’s hair and opens the front door. A dark and cold forest is outside. Dakota’s scared.


Patrick inspects what’s cracking in the forest. The cracking is more and more intensive. He goes forward.


Patrick returns to the first place in the forest where Mimi and he made love. He hears cracking being very close.

The cracking goes right by him. He scares. He sees a mole running through the leaves. Patrick is relieved. He goes back.

Int. Haunted house – NIGHT

Family member forces her out. Dakota stays in front of the door. She looks straight.

FamilY MEMBER (V.O.)

And don’t forget one thing…

Dakota turns back. She sees Family member without a head, it’s body is soaked in blood. Dakota is frightened.

Family meMBER (CONT’D)


Never lose your key!

Family member leers to Dakota. She is very scared. She looks at the big key. It’s full of someone’s blood and little bits of flesh.

Haunted house door closes with a bang. Dakota is in front.

SCARRY SOUNDS AND HOWLS are coming from the forest. Dakota doesn’t know where to go.

She tries to open the door with the big key. It doesn’t fit.

She bangs on the house door. Nobody opens. She bangs on the windows. Tries to open them. She can’t. She is panicking. The key is becoming more soaked in blood. She tries to throw it away. The key is glued to her hands with blood.

Sounds from the forest become louder. She reaches for her pocket to find pills. The pocket is empty.

EXT. top OF THE HILL – FOREST – night

Patrick stops by the tree where he made love with Mimi and urinates. His face is full with pleasure. He finishes. As he wants to put penis back into his shorts he shivers.



All of a sudden he looks down. He holds his penis in his hand. His hands become bloody. He moves a little bit. His penis stays in his hands as his body goes back.

Patrick’s face is scared. He tries to run. A dull hit is heard. Patrick stops. Big amount of blood pours from his mouth. The blood pours on his naked chest.

He tries to walk but another dull cut is heard. Patrick shivers. He looks down. His testicles are full of blood and laying on the ground. His complete guts pour out of stomach. Big amount of flash and blood is on the ground. Patrick falls in his guts. He shakes a little bit until he becomes rigor mortis.

EXT. haunted house – night

Dakota sits on the porch and closes her eyes. The sounds suddenly stop.


Early morning. John Mayo suddenly wakes up. He is soaking wet. He looks all around him. The sun starts to shine in the tent. He quickly takes his backpack and gets up. He looks in his knife cover. His big military knife is not there.

He gets up.


The forest begins to wake up. The sun shines on the tents. The birds start singing.

John Mayo tries to find his knife. He goes to the car. He puts his backpack on the passengers seat and goes in.

Int. Car – day

John Mayo tries to turn it on. It won’t. He is disappointed.


He tries to find something to eat around the extinguished bonfire. There are only energy drinks and alcohol.

He can’t find anything to eat and he can’t find his knife.

He doesn’t know what to do. He inspects the surroundings.

He stops at one place. He sees blood marks on the ground leading to a forest.

He follows them.


Dakota lies on the cold ground. She wakes up suddenly, like she had a bad dream.

She looks all around in panic not knowing where she is.

She looks around. She hears flies moving around here. She turns to right. She screams.

Patrick is laying there with his guts, penis and entire stomach taken out. She runs. She stumbles on a bloody military knife that was lying in front of Patrick. She takes it in her hands.

John Mayo runs to the scene. He’s shocked. He sees Dakota with his knife in her hands. He jumps on here and takes away the knife. He holds her firmly. He doesn’t let go of her.


You took the vaccine, right?

He holds her.



Let me go!!!

John holds the knife in his other arm. The knife is covered in blood and in little parts of flash.


That’s why you cough and have blue veins. That’s why you act aggressively and have seizures.

He smiles victoriously.

John mayo (CONT’D)

You’re going back all right!

Dakota tries to gets away. He doesn’t let go of here. He hits her.

INT. ivY’S TENT – day

Dakota (off)

(in the distance, shouting)

Murderer! Let me go, you sick fuck!!!

Ivy flinches. She is awaken by the Dakota’s shout. She looks next to her. Dakota’s not there.


Ivy looks around.

She hears sounds coming from the forest. She goes there.


Ivy goes into the forest. John Mayo is holding on to Dakota and he doesn’t let go.

Ivy runs to her. Dakota sees her.


Ivy, no! Don’t come!

Ivy sees mutilated Patrick. She stumbles. She’s speechless.

John Mayo and Dakota look at here. Ivy starts shaking.


(tremendous shout)


Mimi runs to the scene. Mimi is in her panties and her bra. She looks with horror in her eyes.

Ivy is kneeling in front of Patrick and crying. John Mayo holds Dakota.


She did it. A little vaccinated bitch!


I didn’t. I just..woke up next to…

Dakota realizes what happened and she can’t be sure weather she did it or not.

Mimi comes forward to John Mayo.

She looks at the knife in his hand.


That’s your knife?

John mayo



Great! We have the murder weapon! Now let go of Dakota!

John is shocked with Mimi’s request.


Listen to me, you stupid cunt, she got the vaccine.

John Mayo wrists Dakota’s sleeve.

John Mayo (CONT’D)

(showing her hand)

Look! She is crazy! She killed him and then passed out! Look at the knife! It was right next to her!



Have you seen her doing it?

Mayo is confused.




Then let her the fuck go! I know her for five years. On the other hand, that knife is yours and I know you for one evening which you used to trip us out with some bullshit vaccine story and tried to rape Dakota! So let her go!

John is still holding her. Mimi takes the knife from his hand.



He lets go of Dakota. Dakota goes and hugs Ivy. Ivy moans and Dakota holds her in her arms. John Mayo and Mimi stand beside them.

Mimi (CONT’D)

We need to put him in the car! Where’s Jake?

John Mayo shrugs his shoulders.

Int. Car – day

Dakota tries to start the car. It won’t go.

Mimi comes to her.


There’s no trace of Jake!

Dakota can’t start it.

Mimi (CONT’D)

Battery is dead! Fuck! The music stayed on all night!

Dakota turns to Mimi.


How long were you awake?

Ivy sits in the back seat. She turns to Mimi.


(weeping) were the last one to see him alive…

Mimi is a little bit embarrassed because of the things that happened last night.


Well, yeah! I mean…no! I passed out and…


What were you doing?



Oh…nothing special..we chilled out. And drank! And, we didn’t take the shit and so we didn’ smoke and…

Ivy puts her head on the car window.


I don’t know what was he doing with his pants down?

Mimi is embarrassed. She looks in to John Mayo’s direction. John Mayo packs his backpack and quickly leaves.

Mimi runs into his direction.


Mimi comes in front of him.


Where do you think you’re going?

John Mayo tries to pass Mimi.


Your friend had vaccination. She has a psychopathic disorder already and she killed one, possibly two people. So I said everything about that. If you don’t trust me, that’s your problem. I don’t want to get killed.

John Mayo leaves. Ivy runs in their direction.


Hey, asshole!

John Mayo turns to her.

Ivy (CONT’D)

My boyfriend is killed with your knife and I saw you holding it. I see you don’t have a problem with that and you’ll just walk away?

John turns to her.


I’m sorry about your problem but, unfortunately, I don’t have nothing to do with it. I explained the vaccine situation to you and told you what are the symptoms. Your cousin is vaccinated and this happened. So I’m not going to pursued you to do anything, It’s your call and your lives are at stake!

Ivy turns to Dakota.


Dakota, please come!

Dakota runs to Ivy.

Ivy (CONT’D)

(to Dakota)

Did you take the vaccine?

Dakot looks at everybody.


I did.

Ivy and Mimi are speechless. Ivy’s look changes as she looks at Dakota.

Dakota (CONT’D)

But they said I couldn’t have the dormitory place If I don’t take all the medical protection.

John nods his head.


See. I was right.


(holding Ivy by the hand)

But I didn’t kill Patrick, I swear to God I didn’t.

John looks at her.


So what were you doing beside the body with a knife. My knife!!!

Mimi turns to Johh Mayo.


What was your knife doing there? Ha? And where did you leave it last night?

John looks at them with doubt. Ivy looks at him angry.


You told us that Dakota did it with your knife and now you bail out? All of a sudden? Because we don’t listen to you?

Ivy gets into John’s face.

Ivy (CONT’D)

(angry and upset)

And where was your knife all night?

John Mayo is silent.

Ivy (CONT’D)

Besides you or something else happened?

John Mayo gets into Ivy’s face.


You’re barking up the wrong tree. My knife was stollen, somebody took it. I think your cousin there knows all the answers! And you’ll know them to when you don’t wake up the next morning!

John pushes Ivy.


The difference is I’m not going to let that happen!

John Mayo goes. Mimi grabs his shoulder. John Mayo pushes her. Ivy hits him. Mayo pulls out his knife.

Dakota stands on the side. Mimi takes one of the logs from last night’s bonfire and hits Mayo. He turns to her and attacks her with his knife. Ivy jumps on him and hits him. Mimi hits him with a log. John Mayo falls.


(to Dakota)

Get the cable from the car!

Dakota runs. Takes the steel cable. John Mayo tries to free himself but Mimi holds him. Dakota throws the cable to Ivy. Ivy and Mimi take him and tie him up with a cable.

John Mayo tries to unchain. He can’t. Ivy and Mimi pull him to the tree. They try to lift him from the ground but he put up a fight.

Dakota comes and helps them. They succeed in that.

John mAYO

You’re making a big mistake!

Mimi gets into his face.


Now, where’s Jake?

John Mayo looks at her with rage.

John Mayo

Why don’t you ask your friend?

Ivy punches John Mayo.


I’m asking you for the last time?

John Mayo smiles.


Eat shit!

Ivy cuts his cheek. John Mayo screams.

John mayo (CONT’D)

I’ll fuckin mutulate you, you fuckin cunt!

Ivy smiles.


We’ll see about that!

She turns to Mimi. Mimi smiles with pleasure.

Ivy (CONT’D)

Let’s try to find Jake!

She turns to Dakota. She throws away the big military knife at here.

Ivy (CONT’D)

Guard this prick!

Dakota is scared. Ivy comes to her.

Ivy (CONT’D)

Don’t worry. I know you didn’t do it. Just guard him a few moments so we can try to find Jake.

She cuddles Dakota’s hair.

Ivy (CONT’D)

And don’t forget to take the pill.


No, I won’t. Take care!

Mimi and Ivy leave. Mimi kicks him betwwen his legs. John Mayo stumbles.



Ivy and Mimi move away from the field.

John Mayo tries to pull the cable off. He can’t.

He turns to Dakota.


What are friends for! You really got them there! Haven’t you?

Dakota looks at him. John Mayo is very angry.

John mayo (CONT’D)

Fuckin psycho!

He sighs and leans on the tree.


Mimi and Ivy are on the road. They walk to the forest parts beside the road and look for Jake.



Jake! Jake! Jake!

Ivy looks into the bushes and downhill.



Jake! Jake! Can you hear us! Jakkeeee!!!!

Somebody is looking at Mimi and Ivy while they are on the road shouting and trying to look for Jake.


Dakota starts to cough. She takes the pills. John Mayo looks at her.


Nothing will help you! As the Intermediate globe pushes your Anterior and Posterior Pituitary. You maybe can control it now but It’s the matter of hours before you lose it completely.


Leave me alone!

John Mayo smiles.


I can leave you but you’re also aware what’s going on!

Dakota is not feeling good.

CLEAR FIELD – DAKOTA’S POV : The field is becoming blur. It’s blurred and in mixed colors.

John Mayo looks at her.


Soon, you won’t be able to control it. Your brain will swell and you won’t be able to control anything. You would only have one urge. Urge to kill!

Dakota looks at him. She takes two more pills.

John Mayo looks at her.


They can’t help you. When they discover the truth they’ll kill you. Or you’re going to kill them and then what?

John Mayo looks at the nature.


You’re here all alone without pills and with two tents and a bottle of vodka. That’s a certain death situation.

Dakota becomes uneasy.


Shut up!

John Mayo smiles. He thinks he has Dakota in his pocket.


Oh, I’ll shut up but that won’t solve your problem! You are like the rest of this fuckin country!  You just don’t listen! I’m just sorry I have to suffer with all of you!

Dakota starts to panic. Her veins are popping out.


It starts. Your time is limited and you know it.

Dakota looks at John Mayo.

JOHN MAYO – DAKOT’S POV : Mayo’s head is soaked with blood. Then again it turns to his regular shape. Dakota looks at the military knife in her hand. It’s a big key and then it turns into a real knife.



Listen, we can help each other!


Ivy and Mimi are on the part of the macadam road that goes downhill.



Jake! Jake!

She looks down. The macadam road is long and steep. It’s full of stones

Mimi (CONT’D)

How the fuck are we going to go down?

Ivy looks down. She doesn’t know what to do.


I have no idea! I gees we’ll have to go down!


But how are we going to get up after that? What if Jake is wounded? How are we going to bring him back?

Ivy is desperate.



Jake! Please, Jake, answer!!!!

Mimi comes to her.


And what the fuck are we going to do with Dakota and that prick?


I don’t know!


If you ask me I would leave the prick tied to the tree and us three can head home!


How? By foot!? It’s 50 miles!


I’m sure there’s someone on the road that can help us!


What about Jake?

Mimi comes to Ivy. She carouses her on the cheek.


He’s probably dead!

Ivy looks at Mimi.


I can’t leave him. I know him for twenty years.

Ivy sighs.

Ivy (CONT’D)

This is not happening!

She bursts into tears. Mimi hugs her and tries to calm her down.


Don’t worry, honey, everything will be fine!

Mimi stands on the rock in front of Ivy. She stands on three stones. She carouses Ivy’s neck.


I can’t handle this! Patrick…oh, my God…what do they do to him!

Mimi cuddles Ivy. She hugs her strongly. Ivy is crying. Mimi wipes her face with her fingers. Ivy caresses her hand. Mimi wipes her face and kisses her on the cheek.

Ivy gives back this kiss. Mimi kisses her on the end of her lips. Ivy smiles. Mimi kisses her on the mouth. Ivy is shocked. Mimi tries to french kiss her. Ivy pushes her away.

Ivy (CONT’D)

What are you doing?

Mimi loses her balance. She falls down the macadam road. Ivy tries to catch her. Ivy’s eyes are filled with horror.

Someone watches the scene from the bushes and then goes in to direction of the clear field.


Dakota looks at John Mayo. She is scared.


Stop it! Stop!

John Mayo looks at her.


Untie me and I’ll help you!

Dakota is changing her mind.


I’ll take to the city. We can help you. You just need to untie me.

Someone is watching Dakota talk to John Mayo from close distance.


Mimi is laying in the road. Ivy helps her. Mimi ankle is twisted. Ivy touches it.




I’m sorry! I don’t know what I was doing!

Ivy helps Mimi to get up. She can’t stand on her leg. Mimi leans on Ivy.

Ivy helps her to go up.

They go up the macadam road. Mimi losses her balance again and Ivy’ holds her.


JOHN MAYO – DAKOTA’S POV : John Mayo’s head is completely soaked in blood.



Help me! And I’ll help you!

Dakota puts up the knife. It looks like a key. On John’s head a key hole is made. Dakota goes with a key to that key whole.

John Mayo is terrified.


Wait, Dakota, wait a second! I’m going to help you!

Dakota is walking like she’s hypnotized.

Someone is approaching fast.

Dakota is closing on Mayo. The peak of her knife is on his forehead.

John mayO (CONT’D)


Think about it! Think about it!

Dakota puts the knife on Mayo’s forehead. Mayo is petrified.


Ivy and Mimi are pulling up. They see the clear field on the top of the hill.


Come on! Just a little bit more and we’re OK!

Mimi’s face expression is filled with pain.


John Mayo shivers.

JOHN MAYO – DAKOTA’S POINT OF VIEW : Dakota wants to put the key into keyhole on Mayo’s head. Then, all of the sudden, key becomes a knife. Dakota looks at John Mayo’s head. She sees the real Mayo and realizes the situation.

Knife is already on Mayo’s forehead. It cuts him. Tiny chain of blood drips down.

Dakota unties John Mayo.


Sorry, you’re right! It was me. I’ve probably killed Peter! I..I had a hallucination! It must’ve been me!!!

She unties the metal cable.

Someone is going straight to Dakota.


Mimi and Ivy go slowly to a clear field.

They can see the tree where John Mayo is tied.


The cable drops on the ground. John Mayo is relived.

Dakota holds the knife in her hand. Mayo takes it from her hand. He pulls it. Dakota’s face is filled with joy. He feels secured.

John mayo


No shit it was you, crazy bitch!

He turns the knife to Dakota. He goes out to stab her. Dakota tries to duck the knife. Her bottle with pills falls from her pocket to the ground. John Mayo steps on it and breaks it. He goes out to stab her in the chest.

Male hand grabs the Mayo’s hand and his knife. Dakota turns. The hand stabs John Mayo where Dakota pinched him. John Mayo starts to shake uncontrollable. Dakota is speechless. She looks the scene and can’t believe what’s happening.

The hand cracks John Mayo’s scull and opens it. The brain pulses. The knife stays in the brain. John Mayo drops on the ground.

Dakota looks at the scene. She looks up. Hand takes the knife from John’s scull. Dakota is completely numb.  Jake is holding the knife. The veins on his hand pulse. He grabs Dakota and puts the cable around her.

Ivy and Mimi come. They see Mayo’s scull cracked.

Jake is holding Dakota and the knife. Dakota looks at them without a word.

Jake tides her up and stabs the knife into the ground.

Jake turns to shocked Ivy and Mimi.


How I’m glad to see you!


Dakota hands are tied to her feet. Ivy is looking in to Dakota with a motionless face.

Jake is holding Mimi’s ankle.


Sorry, this is going to hurt!

He twists her ankle. Mimi SHOUTS.

Jake (CONT’D)

Sorry, sorry! I’ve done this a zillion times. Now you’re going to be OK.

Ivy looks at Jake. Jake drops some ice beer on Mimi’s leg.


Now I have the reason to drink! Thanks, man! You saved our ass!


No problem!

He goes to see Ivy.

Jake (CONT’D)

(to Ivy)

How are you hanging?


I don’t know! I really don’t know!

Jake smiles.


I had the same feeling this morning! I woke up in the middle of the forest, lost and hungry, and I didn’t know anything! I just remembered that I was drunk I wanted to take a walk! I didn’t realize that the walk could’ve lasted for 3 miles!

Ivy looks at Dakota. She cries. Jake holds her.


I’m crying all fuckin morning! I think I’m having a nervous breakdown!

Jake hugs her.


I know. I was shocked too when I saw her! I mean..Dakota…shit!

Ivy looks totally disappointed. She looks to Mimi.


How’s she hanging?


She has to get medical treatment! I did what I could with this but…I’m afraid she’ll get sepsis or something like that! The ankle has to be treated good!

Ivy takes her backpack.


And what will we do with Dakota?

Jake looks at Ivy with uncomfortable feeling.


I don’t know. It’s your call! We can either…you know…or we can take her with us! But that is a risky business!

Ivy looks at him despairingly.


I can’t kill my cousin. We’re like sisters!

Jake looks at Ivy.

Ivy (CONT’D)

I won’t cry, I swear!

She takes her backpack.


Better throw it away! We are already slow and we have to get to some inhabited place until night falls!

Ivy drops her backpack.


OK, I’ll drive Dakota and you carry Mimi. We’ll switch so don’t get too tired!

Jake stands up. Ivy looks at him with love.


Once again : thank you! I’ll never forget this! You saved my life. I’m sorry for all the Patrick’s blunders!

Ivy cries when she thinks of Patrick. Jake hugs her.

Dakota looks at the situation. Again she coughs. She sees the blue veins on her head. With her free fingers she takes the last pill from the cracked bottle.

Ivy comes to her. Jake passes by. He looks at her. He smiles with a chilling, psychopath smile. The veins on his hands are blue and popped out.

Ivy unchains Dakota’s feet.


Listen, I didn’t do it!

She kicks her in the back. She falls. She kicks her in the stomach. Dakota coughs.


You better not speak to me otherwise I’ll throw you down this hill.

Dakota stands up. Jake helps Mimi to stand up and they slowly go in the direction of the macadam road.


Jake carefully watches where he stops because of Mimi’s ankle.

Ivy kicks Dakota again.


Please, just once..just this time…you have to trust me!

Ivy slaps Dakota.


I’m going to trust you when I see you rotting in pain! Understand?


Just this time..please…our lives are at stake.

Ivy slaps her. She pushes her forward.

Mimi is in pain. She looks around. Nature is blooming.

Dakota starts to sweat. She looks at Jake.

JAKE – DAKOTA’S POV : Jake’s hands are decaying. In a middle of  his head he has a crack. Inside, there’s a bloody decaying hole with a key in it.

Dakota closes her eyes. She stumbles on the rock. She almost falls. She pulls Ivy with her. Ivy kicks her.


Watch where’re you going!

Dakota grabs her.



It’s Jake. He is killing! He is!

Ivy is scared when she sees Dakota. She takes the big branche from the ground and points it out to Dakota.


Don’t come near me! You here! I’ll kill you, I swear to God!

Jake almost goes all the way down from the macadam road. He looks all around.


They come to a part where waterfall is visible.


I thought we’ll go skinny dipping in that waterfall.

Jake looks at the waterfall.


Why not?

He turns to Ivy.


No, it’s too much..

Mimi smiles.


Come on! One jump! Only one jump!

Ivy is ignoring her.

Mimi (CONT’D)

Come on! When a cripple asks you! I mean you have to say “yes”

Ivy smiles. She tights Dakota to a tree near the water.


You swim first! I’ll watch her!

Dakota stays there. She looks at the waterfall.

WATERFALL – DAKOTA’S POVI : Instead of water, the waterfall and the lake are filled with blood.

Dakota closes her eyes. She sees Ivy who hugs Jake.


Mimi sees the waterfalls. She jumps on one leg to the riverbank.

She takes off her T-shirt. Her naked breasts reflect in the sun.


Ivy looks at her. Jake takes off his shirt.


Why don’t you go and relax a little bit? I’ll take care of Dakota?

Ivy smiles.



Jake smiles.


Of course! You deserve a little rest!

Ivy hugs Jake. He smiles crazy. Dakota sees his smile. She tries to untie. She can’t.

Ivy takes off her shirt. Her beautiful body draws Jake’s attention.

Jake looks at her with crazy look. Ivy runs to join Mimi.


Mimi turns around. She sees Ivy running to her.


(shouts to Ivy)

Come on! We’re running late!

 Mimi goes to the edge of the bank. Ivy comes to her. Mimi takes off her shirt. Under her T-shirt she wears Patrick’s sport T-shirt.

Ivy looks at it. Ivy’s shocked.


Jake looks at Dakota. He takes his knife. Dakota tries to untie.


Oh! Pour little thing! Where’s your cuss to help you now!

Dakota shivers. She tries to untie.


Ivy takes off Patrick’s shirt. She puts it on the ground.

Ivy looks at the shirt. The shirt is stained with traces of semen. Ivy’s shocked.

She looks at Mimi. Mimi is naked. Ivy looks at her neck. Her neck is covered with semen stains and love bites.


What are you doing with my boyfriend’s shirt?


Jake is in front of Dakota with a knife. He cuts her face a little bit. Dakota tries to scream. Jake holds her mouth and continues to cut her a little bit.


Mimi stands in front of Ivy.


No, I was cold and I found it in…


And what about this love bites? And this shirt?

Ivy grabs it and shows it to Mimi.


It has frigging sperm on it!

Mimi is embarrassed.


I fucked with him, OK?

The ground is soaked. She steps on the ground but it goes down. Mimi’s other ankle goes between two parts of the land.

She is stuck.


Auuu! Fuck! Not again!


Help meee!

 Ivy looks at her. She’s mad.


Jake cuts Dakota. She has a little trace of blood and a small cut on her cheek. Jake smiles.


Now I have time! And when I finish you, I’m going to cut your friend!

He cuts her a little bit more.


But I’m going to cut her cunt. Cut-Cunt…see the irony! He he he

Dakota tries to free herself but she can’t.

Jake stops because he hears Mimi’s screams. He turns to the waterfall.


Mimi reaches out for Ivy’s hand. Ivy’s spits at her.


You sucked his cock!? Right?


I did! So fucking what?

Mimi is in real pain.


Just tell me why?


(with pain)

I was bored!

Ivy takes Mimi’s head and drowns it.


Fuckin slut!

EXT. WOODS – day

Jake sees Ivy drowning Mimi.



Only I kill here!

He leaves Dakota and runs to them.

Dakota tries to untie.


Ivy is drowning Mimi.


Die! Die! Die!

Jake stops Ivy. He pulls out Mimi. Mimi is without air. She COUGHS and spits out the water. She swims to the shore and holds herself by the ground.

Ivy wants to continue to drown Mimi. Jake is holding Ivy.

Ivy (CONT’D)

I can’t bealive you did that! I knew you’re an idiot but that!

Ivy cools off. Jake releases her. He grabs Mimi and pulls her out of the water. Her other ankle is swollen and blue.

Mimi holds her ankle. She becomes angry.


I was drunk and I was high! Fuck! It happened!



And then you killed him, right?

Mimi looks at her.


What the fuck?


Don’t play stupid with me, bitch! Then you killed Patrick!


You are hallucinating!


Me hallucinating! I’ll kill you!

Ivy kicks Jake. She gets Mimi by the neck. She chokes her. Jake looks at the scene. Mimi hits Ivy. Ivy hits her with her fist. She hits and hits. Mimi’s face becomes swollen. Jake tries to stop Ivy. Ivy hits him in the chin and he falls. She turns. Mimi hits her with a branch.


Dakota tries to untie. She can’t. She’s desperate. She looks in the direction of the waterfalls. She sees Ivy and Mimi fighting.


Mimi jumps on Ivy. Mimi hits her head on the ground.

Ivy kicks her wounded ankle. Mimi SHOUTS. Ivy pushes her. She takes the stone from the ground and wants to drop it on her head. Mimi is unconscious.

Jake stands up. He looks at the scene. He doesn’t move. He is excited and he perversely smiles.

Ivy holds a stone in her hand. Mimi is helpless.

Ivy throws the stone in to the water and runs from Mimi.


Ivy runs to Dakota. She sees her bloody cheek with a cut.


I told you it was Jake!

Ivy looks at here. Dakota cries. Ivy looks at the cable.

She begins to untie the cable,


Jake holds Mimi.


Oh, shit! My leg!

He looks at her leg. Her other ankle is not in its right place.


Don’t worry. I’ll get it done!

Jake takes her leg.


What a lunatic? What a fuck if I slept with her boyfriend? I don’t even remember what it was! I don’t like boys, you of all people know that…

Jake takes her ankle and tries to put him in its place. His veins pulse.

Mimi (CONT’D)

…but I had to have some fun! Right?

She looks at Jake. Jake takes her foot. She turns it for 360 degrees. It CRACKS. Mimi wants to SHOUT. Jake covers her mouth with intensive power. Her eyes pop in horror.



With his other hand he turns the ankle and the foot. It cracks. The bone rips the skin and goes out.

He turns it one more time. Mimi shakes with enormous pain. He twist it again and chops her foot.

Mimi bites him but Jake’s hand is firm. He takes the knife and cuts her throat.


Ivy tries to untie Dakota. Dakota looks in to direction of the waterfalls with horror. Ivy sees Dakota looking and she looks to.


Mimi’s neck is bleeding. She SUFFOCATES. Jake makes another cut. She is all in blood.

He turns around.  No one is watching.

He takes the body and puts it in an underbrush.

He cleans the knife with Patrick’s T-shirt and throws it in the bush. He takes Mimi’s shirt and sniffs it. He enjoys the smell and puts Mimi’s T-shirt in his pocket.


Dakota and Ivy are leaned to the tree and their backs are against the waterfalls.

Dakota is shaking. She turns her head. Ivy is shivering to. Jake is coming to them. Ivy unties Dakota. Jake is near. Ivy has to be faster.


(to Dakota, shivering voice)

I’m sorry…I’m..sss..oorry I doubted you…I’m so sorry!

Jake goes forward.



Ivy, where are you?

He smiles. He tries to be serious.

Jake (CONT’D)

Ivy, something bad happened! Something all so bad! I think Mimi drowned.

Ivy unties Dakota. Ivy comes in front of Jake.


Really? When?

Jake tries to act.


I don’t know. She’s gone swimming and she never went back!

Ivy looks at him. Jake is near Ivy.

Jake (CONT’D)

Honey, what the hell are we going to do?

Dakota takes the big branch. She hits Jake. Jake stumbles but he doesn’t fall to the ground. They run uphill, in the direction of the waterfall. Jake runs after them.


Ivy and Dakota run up to waterfalls. The water is muddy and unclear. They can’t go any further.



What are we going to do? We can’t go back.

Ivy takes Dakota by the hand. They jump into the water.


Ivy and Dakota are going down under the water. Ivy holds Dakota by the hand. She tries to emerge on the surface. She holds Dakota’s hand firmly. She goes up but Dakota’s hand stands at one point. Ivy looks down. Dakota’s leg is trapped in a seaweed. Ivy tries to pull her up. She can’t.

Dakota starts to drown. Ivy goes down and tries to release her leg. Dakota looses her breath. Ivy rips the seaweed. Dakota’s body numbs. Ivy pulls her leg out of the seaweed. She successes. Ivy grabs Dakota and tries to immerge to the surface of the water. The surface is near. Ivy rushes to the surface.


Ivy immerges from the depth. She holds Dakota in her hands. She swims to the riverbank. Dakota’s blue. She is not breathing. Ivy hurries. She can hardly hold Dakota in her hands.


Ivy comes out of the water. She pulls Dakota to the surface. Dakota doesn’t respond. Ivy gives her mouth to mouth first aid. Dakota is not responding.


Don’t you die, please! Don’t you die!

Ivy tries again. Dakota is not responding. Ivy starts panicking.

She looks up. She sees a silhouette with a big military knife coming down the steep slope.

She grabs Dakota and pulls her to the shelter under the tree.

Dakota’s mouth throw up a little bit of water. Silhouette comes down faster. Ivy pulls Dakota under the tree. Dakota throws up water. She starts to cough.

Silhouette runs down faster. Ivy hides Dakota under the fern.

She coughs. Dakota sees the shadow of the knife and silhouette above her. She puts her hand on Dakota’s mouth and tries to silence her. Knife reflects on the sun just above her. Dakota still coughs. Ivy harder presses her mouth. Dakota’s eyes are wide open. She tries to cough. She mumbles. Knife and silhouette comes down. Ivy pressed Dakota’s mouth harder to shut her up. Dakota becomes blue. Ivy holds her. Dakota tries to free from Ivy’s hand but Ivy holds her tight.

Silhouette comes down. Ivy hides behind the tree and holds Dakota tightly. She looks. Silhouette is Jake from the back.  He is inspecting the riverbank. Dakota again tries to cough. Jake turns around. Ivy presses her mouth. Jake listens trying to establish where is the sound coming from.

Ivy trembles and holds Dakota tightly. Jake walks slowly up the river bank. The knife is reflecting. Ivy is behind the tree looking at him.

Jake goes up. He tries to listen but she can’t hear a thing. Suddenly, he turns to Ivy’s direction. He walks fast. He approaches Ivy’s tree. Ivy is petrified. She holds Dakota even tighter.

Jake has a crazy glance in his eyes. He comes near the tree. He looks at it. Ivy is silent. She is not breathing. She tries to be perfectly calm. Jake looks at the tree. Ivy is behind it. Jake quickly raises his knife. Dakota makes a COUGH AND SUFFOCATING sound. Ivy holds her. Jake stabs his knife into a tree. He smiles. A squirrel is stabbed on the knife. Jake smiles. He takes the knife from the tree. Squirrel is dripping blood on the ground. He looks at it with morbid pleasure. He drops it.

The dead squirrel falls just besides Dakota’s leg. Jake leaves.

Ivy holds Dakota tight waiting for Jake to leave. Jake disappears from Ivy’s sight.

Ivy lets Dakota go. Dakota leans on Ivy’s chest.

Ivy (CONT’D)

Dakota, it’s cool now! He’s gone!

Dakota doesn’t react. Ivy takes her head. Dakota’s face is blue. Her eyes are wide open. Her body is loose.

Ivy (CONT’D)


Dakota, Dakota?!

Ivy shakes her. Dakota doesn’t react. Ivy holds her in her arms. She gives her mouth-to-mouth inhalation again. Dakota is not responding. Ivy is panicking.

She tries to massage her chest and her heart. Dakota’s body becomes more loose. Ivy hits her even hard. She tries to give her inhalation but Dakota’s is not moving. Dakota’s hands fall on the side of her body. Ivy hugs her head and starts to WEEP. She kisses her and hugs her head.

Ivy (CONT’D)


I..I’m sorry, baby! I..I…am sorry! It was me, baby, I..I didn’t trust you…ohh, my God!!!

 Ivy hugs Dakota and kisses her forehead. She weeps and holds her tight. She takes Dakota’s hands and puts them on her chest. Her hands are completely blue and lifless.

Ivy (CONT’D)


What have I done? This is…it’s not true…wake up, wake up, stupid! Will you finally wake the hell up? Wake up, wake up, plese!

Ivy strikes her chest. She moans and weeps. She hits her cheek.

Ivy (CONT’D)


Wake up, please, wake up!

Ivy caresses Dakota’s face. Dakota’s body lifelessly hangs in Ivy’s hands.

The waterfall IDYLLICALLY RIPPLES. Ivy’s crying mix with water’s sound.


Waterfalls fall on the riverbank. Under them, Dakota’s body floats as if she’s asleep.


Ivy stumbles across the forest. She falls then she gets up . She continues to run.

FOREST SOUNDS disturb her. She runs faster when she hears them. She runs and tries to avoid the bumps in the ground.

She is faster and faster.


Ivy runs through the gate that they passed with their car yesterday.

She runs a macadam road downhill. At one point she stops. She smells the air. She looks around. She sees a smoke coming from her right side. She turns there and runs into the direction of the smoke coming out.


She passes the macadam road and comes to a new wooden fence. She looks around. In front of here there’s a big house. House is a standard middle class weekend house. Smoke is coming out the chimney on the top of the roof.

Ana has a hopeful expression on her face. She opens the wooden gate and enters the garden. Garden is mowed down perfectly. Garage is opened.

Ivy rushes to enter the house.


Ivy comes to the door. She looks through the window inside. The house is nit and decorated. Ivy RINGS on the bell. She waits. No one answers. She again looks through the window. No one is inside.

Ivy waits for a little while then she enters the house. The door are not locked and Ivy goes in.

Int. house – living room – day

Ivy enters the living room.


Hello! Can you help me?

Ivy goes around the house. House is empty. She looks around. On the fireplace there are photos of family. Ivy looks at the photos. She smells smoke. She bends down to the fireplace.

Fireplace is burning. Tree logs are ready for burning. Ivy is confused and scared. She looks around the living room a little bit uncontrolled.

She sees the phone on the little desk. She goes there. She picks it up. She calls 911. Telephone rings. No body answers. Ivy tries to turn another phone number. It’s disconnected.

Ivy starts to panic. She tries to call her family. The phone rings a lot of times. Ivy goes out to cancel the line but than somebody answers.

Ivy (CONT’D)

Dad, please call the cops and help me! Right now! I said right now! He killed all my friends and he’s after…

Voice from the phone (v.O.)

(from the phone)

This is family Duncan!


(over the phone)

And if you want to leave a message, do it! We always like to answer! Almost always!

Ivy hangs up the phone. She turns around. She leaves the room.


Ivy enters the kitchen. Everything is laboratory clan, like the house owners are waiting for somebody.

Ivy is feeling strange. She opens the fridge. It’s full with different food. Ivy hesitates to take the food. She opens the kitchen tap. Water normally runs through The tap.

Ivy looks around in suspicion. Everything is calm. She takes the food out of the fridge. She looks expiration dates on the food. Food is in order.

Ivy puts the food on the kitchen table. There are two clean plates ready for meal on the table. Eating utensils are next to plates. Ivy looks at it. She sits at the table.

She starts to eat. She eats ravenous. She takes out the groceries and makes something. She eats ravenous.

A SHALLOWER NOISE interrupts Ivy eating. She takes the big knife from the kitchen sink and inspects the kitchen.

INT. HOUSE – bathroom – day

Ivy inspects the toilet. Everything is nit and clan.

INT. HOUSE – bedroom – day

Ivy enters the bedroom. She is very suspicious and looks around her frighten that someone what’s to jump on her over the back.

In the middle of the room there’s a big, old bed. Ivy is looking at it.

A is haunting her. She is scared. She looks around trying to find the source of the noise. She gets closer to the window. SHALLOWER NOISE is getting harder. She comes to the window. A  rag is stacked between two window frames and the wind blowing through it makes a shallower noise.

Ivy throws away the rag. She looks around. Nothing is interesting.

She leaves the room.


Ivy returns to the kitchen. She sits at the table. Tries to eat her meal but she can’t. She starts to weep. She lays on the table and closes her eyes. She is fatigue and she falls asleep.





Ivy wakes up. She is still in the kitchen. She wants to move. She’s chained with a metal car cable to the chair. She tries to get free. She can’t. She tries to stand up but feels enormous pain in abdominal area. She looks down.

Jake’s military knife is pointed to her vagina. The knife is attached to the cable so when she moves the knife stabs her.   Ivy is scared. She looks forward.

Jake sits opposite to her. He eats from the other plate that was decorated. She looks at her plate. Mimi’s pierced ears are on her plate.

Ivy screams madly. Jake doesn’t react to that. He slowly eats his food. Behind him, John Mayo’s mutilated body with pen in his eye and Mimi’s decapitated bodies are hanged on the kitchen sealing.

Ivy is shaking out of fear. Jake finishes with his meal. Ivy looks at the bodies behind him. Jake turns to see the bodies.


I couldn’t find Dakota. Maybe she’s gone fishing!

She tries to free her hands. She pushes them hard but the knife stabs her lower abdomen and her vagina. She can’t move. Jake stands up. He takes the knife he used for eating and gets up. Ivy is looking at him with enormous fear in her eyes.

Jake smiles and sits on the top of the table in front of here.


(with trembling voice)

You took the vaccine?


So what?

His veins are pulsing and they are blue-blooded.

Jake (CONT’D)

This has nothing to do with the shot! Nor with this hose! I found it after you retarded boyfriend punched me and left me to die in the forest!

He takes Mimi’s ear from Ivy’s plate.

Jake (CONT’D)

Luckily, these people gave me shelter! Nice family! Too bad they had to…

Jake smiles. Ivy is petrified. She drops a tear.

Jake (CONT’D)

Well, they had to leave in such a hurry. I think it had to do something with their baby bleeding.  But they instructed me to keep their house nice and cosy!

He drops the ear on the plate. Ivy trembles.

Jake (CONT’D)

That’s exactly what I’m doing right now!

Ivy looks at him. Jake comes near. He takes the kitchen knife from the table. He puts it close to Ivy’s eyes.

Jake (CONT’D)

But everything to do with love!

Ivy is shocked. Jake puts the knife right in front of her eyes.

Jake (CONT’D)

I love you from the third grade, my baby. From the first time I saw you.

He puts the knife on her eyes.

Jake (CONT’D)

But you never loved me. I was always like your sweet little numb house pet : you call me when you need me and after that I don’t exist.

He puts the top of the knife on tick under Ivy’s eye.

Ivy breaths scarcely. She is too petrified to close her eyes or react.

Jake (CONT’D)

I wanted to change that. Once and for all. And I knew I had to do something big. Something bigger and larger then anything you’ve seen in your life. And I had a perfect chance to wipe them all out. And stay alone with you.

With his other hand he touches the knife pointed to Ivy’s abdomen.

Jake (CONT’D)

So, baby, it has nothing to do with a vaccine.

Jake presses the knife. Ivy SIGHS with pain.

Jake (CONT’D)

It has everything with love.

Jake presses the knife on the abdomen and puts his lips on Ivy’s lips. He presses the knife. Ivy painfully reacts.

Jake (CONT’D)

You know what to do?

Ivy looks at him. Jake smiles.


Put down the knife!

Jake smiles.



I know you like it!

Ivy relaxes on the chair.


Maybe later.

Jake presses the knife. Ivy sighs. He presses the knife on her vagina.


How ’bout now?

He presses the knife. Ivy starts to bleed a little bit.


If you press it harder I won’t kiss you!

Jake smiles.

Ivy (CONT’D)

My rigor mortis kiss is nothing to you.

Jake presses the knife harder. His veins pop up.



Are you ready to die!?

Ivy MOANS because of the pain.


(with pain)

Are you ready to tell your kiss “Good-by”?

Jake looks at her.

Ivy (CONT’D)

You’ve been waiting for it all these years. I can die right now easily. I don’t know if you can forget that kiss so easy.

Jake smiles with insane bliss. He pulls down the knife. The pressure on Ivy’s abdomen stops. Ivy takes a deep breath.

Jake comes close to her. He opens her mouth with a kitchen knife that he holds in his other hand.


Don’t try to trick me. You tricked me over and over all these years.

Ivy takes the knife with its mouth. She starts to lick it. Jake is excited. He slowly plays with the knife in Ivy’s mouth. She licks it. He pulls out the knife. Ivy smiles sensually. He closes his lips to her.

Suddenly, Jake’s lips start to shiver. His other hand reaches the knife on Ivy’s abdomen. Ivy smiles.


Come on! Relax! I will be nice! Like when you saw me with Patrick and Mimi! Didn’t you want to be in their place last night?

Jake looks at her with a crazy glance in his eyes. Ivy sensually licks her lip.

Ivy (CONT’D)

Now’s your big chance!

Jake releases the knife on Ivy’s abdomen. He kisses her. She kisses him. They French kiss passionately. Jake lays on Ivy. She is all over her. Ivy closes her eyes. She kisses him deeply. He kisses her intensively. He falls on Ivy’s body. He starts to touch her breasts and stomach. He puts down the knife and takes it in his hand. He cuts her track suite and panties with military knife.

He is passionately in kissing her. He puts knife on Ivy’s ties. The knife blade is in a lower position. Jake enjoys.

Suddenly. Ivy bits Jake’s tongue. Jake SCREAMS. Ivy opens her eyes. Ivy pulls his tongue from his mouth.

Blood drips through Jake’s mouth. He tries to stab her with the knife he holds in his hand but he can’t. Ivy pulls his tongue. Jake is all in blood.

Ivy (CONT’D)


Put down the knife!!!!

Ivy pulls his tongue even harder. Jake SCREAMS. His tongue is partly ripped out.

Ivy (CONT’D)

Put the knife down! I’ll kill you, motherfucker!

She pulls his entire body. Jake loses balance. He drops the military knife that was on Ivy’s abdomen. He falls on Ivy. She kicks him in the testicles. She falls over her and they both fall on the floor.

Ivy holds Jake’s tongue firmly. Jake’s mouth are full of blood. Blood is dripping on his T-shirt and on Ivy.

Jake tries to pull out from Ivy’s teeth but she holds him firmly. He tries to take the knife from the floor. She kicks him in the stomach. Jake bends. Ivy hits him even harder. She tries to loose her hands out of the car cable.

Jake reaches out for his military knife. Ivy pulls his tongue really hard. Jake SCREAMS. He rips off his tongue. Blood is pouring from Jake’s mouth. Ivy spits out his tongue.

Jake trays to talk but he can only snort without his tongue. Ivy tries to loosen her hands. She feels that the chair she’s tight too cracked. She spreads her hands with all her strength.

Chair breaks apart. Jake reaches out for his knife. Ivy quickly stands up. Jake tries to stab her. He cuts her leg calf. She SCREAMS. She quickly grabs the kitchen knife. Jake stands up holding on to a kitchen table.

Ivy stabs him in the hand. He screams. Ivy kicks him in the head. She snorts.

Ivy stands in front of him. She sighs. Her eyes are filled with rage. Her mouth are all bloody from Jake’s blood.

Ivy (CONT’D)


Come on!

Jake looks at her. Blood is filling his mouth. His hand is covered in blood. Ivy takes another knife from the sink.

Ivy (CONT’D)


Come and kiss me again, lover boy!

Jake turns and tries to run from the kitchen. Ivy runs and stabs his foot. She stabs it hard and nails it to the wooden kitchen floor. Jake SCREAMS.

She bends over him. Takes the army knife and stabs his other hand to a kitchen floor.

She stands over him. Jake tries to move. Ivy smiles and looks at him. Jake wiggles tied to a wooden floor with two knives.

She comes down on him. She turns the knife in his foot.

He SCREAMS with fear. He looks at Ivy. His eyes are filled with fear and mercy.

Ivy turns the knife even harder. Jake screams. She reaches out for the other knife. Jake grabs her hand. He tries to throw her away. They fight.

Jake pulls out the knife form his hand. He tries to stab her. Ivy scratches her nails on Jake’s face.

She leaves bloody marks on his face. He tries to stab her again. She avoids the blade.

Jake throws her to the kitchen sink. Ivy hits the sink with her head. He crawls to the floor. Ivy’s head is bloody. Jake tries to pull out the knife from his foot. He does it. His foot is totally soaked in blood. The knife wound is huge.

He crawls out of the kitchen. Ivy’s head is bloody. Her hand holds the army knife firmly.


Jake tries to crawl out of the house. Ivy is behind him. She slowly follows him. He sees here and speeds up. She goes slowly. She is limping because of the wound on the calf of her leg. She goes slowly.

Jake sees her in the back. He tries to quickly crawl to the door. She is following him. Jake leaves a big bloody mark on the floor. He crawls. The horror is in his eyes.

She still continues to follow him. The military knife covered in blood glitters in her hand.

Jake tries to stand up but he can’t. He crawls faster and faster. Ivy puts down the knife. She also speeds up. She is preparing to stab him. She is closer. She prepares the knife and to stab him in the head.

Jake tries to be faster. He’s near the door. Ivy is behind him. She raises the knife to stab him for the last time. More blood is on the floor. Jake raises his hand. Ivy sighs deep. She holds the knife right above his head.

Jake reaches out for the door. Ivy stabs him in the neck, just below the head. His hand twitches on the doorknob. Ivy leaves the knife in his neck.

She falls on her knees. Jake’s hand twitches a little bit more them it stays calm on the doorknob.

His body becomes numb. Ivy starts to weep. She weeps as her head bleeds.

Ivy cries her heart out. Her hands are shivering. She WEEPS.

Her weeping echoes through the whole house. She looks all around.

HOUSE – IVY’S POV : The house and it’s walls become blur. Ivy has an impression like the walls and the house will disappear.

She tries to stop crying but she can’t hold her tears.

She cools off a little bit. She tries to stand up. Something holds her leg. She looks down. Jake’s hand grabs calf of her leg.

She is shocked. Jake stands up. The knife is in his neck. He spits blood as he tries to say something. He takes the knife.

Ivy tries to get her leg out of Jake’s hand. He holds her firmly. He puts her on the floor. He takes her hands and raises the knife to stab her in the face. She turns her head on the other side and avoids the blade in the last moment.

Jake pulls out the knife from the wooden floor.

Ivy bits his arm. He backs off and painfully turns. She slips out of his arms. He grabs her again on her body.

He holds her around her waist. She kicks him in the head with her knee. He doesn’t let go of her. She kicks him harder. He puts his fingers into her wound. Ivy painfully SCREAMS. He rips her wound.

She tries to kick him in the head. He again reaches out for his knife. Ivy kicks him in the head. She pinches his eyes with her knee.

Jake lets go of her waist. She quickly stands up. Jake also gets up. She can’t go to the front door. She runs to the bedroom.


Ivy comes in. She locks the door. She tries to get to the window. Jake HITS the door. He tries to brake it.

Ivy gets to the window. She tries to open it. It’s blocked. She pulls the window hard. Her leg bleeds. She can’t open the window. JAKE’S SIZZLE scares her. The bedroom door are shaking. Ivy doesn’t have the strength to open the window. She tries to find something to break the glass on the window.

She looks around the bedroom. She can’t find anything to break the glass. She panics. Jake stops with the STRIKES on the door. Ivy becomes more calm.

The bedroom door is shaking from Jake’s strike’s. Ivy tries to find something to break windows glass. She looks for it in panic. She ransacks the bedroom. She can’t find anything. She takes the framed photos from the walls and throws them into direction of the window. The glass remains firm. Ivy doesn’t know what to do. The silence fills the room. She looks into direction of the door with a scared look. Everything is calm.

Suddenly, a sound of CIRCULAR SAW fills up the bedroom.

The door snaps. Parts of the wood are flying all over the room. Ivy looks back in fear. She screams.

The part of the door falls down. Jake looks inside with a crazy look. He MUMBLES.

She tries to break it with her leg. She can’t. Her wound opens. It bleeds.

On the sight of the blood Jake turns the saw and again cuts down a part of the door.

She takes the sheet and quickly turns it around calf of her leg to stop the bleeding.

The door falls. Jake tries to go inside but his legs stumble. He breaks the last part of the wooden door with a weight of his body. Jake MUMBLES. He can hardly walk with his bloody leg. He still has a knife in his neck. He is staggering.

Ivy goes back a little bit.



You’ll never take me…dead or alive!

Jake smashes the last part of the wooden door. The SOUND OF THE CIRCULAR SAW is terrifying. He rushes to Ivy.

The she throws herself out of the window. She falls on the ground. The part of glass is stuck in her hair.

Jake throws himself out of the window with his saw. Ivy turns away and runs. He tries to catch her.


Ivy tries to open the gate. It’s firmly locked. She tries to climb the fence. She can’t. Her leg is too weak. Jake runs for her. She runs to the opposite direction.


Ivy looks at the garage. She goes in. She hears OMINOUS SOUND OF THE SAW behind her. She goes into the garage.


The garage is dark and cramped. She takes the hammer from the work table and goes forward. Back door of the garage is covered in old tires and junk. She goes there. She tries to put away the junk but she can’t. The SOUND OF THE SAW is closer. She turns to the right.

Jake comes in to the garage. Circular saw makes unbearable sound. Jake looks for Ivy.

Ivy is hidden between old tires and junk. She is on her knees.

Jake starts to throw away junk from the garage and tries to find Ivy. Ivy is still hidden. She looks at the hammer in her hand. She looks around. She sees a garden rake on the floor. The rake is laying with it’s top faced up. Jake sees the tires and the trash. He sees a slight movement there. He hurries up. Circular saw is still working. Ivy realizes that she has to take the chance.

She throws the tire on the Jake. He throws it away. She runs after the rake. He tries to reach her with his saw. He misses her. She stops near the rack.

Jake runs to her. He stands on the rake. The rake goes up, right to Jake’s face.

The rake stabs his eyes, cheeks and mouth. The flesh falls out. Jake is twitching. The circular saw falls from his hands.

Ivy takes the hammer and hits him in the head. His head cracks. He hits him hard and quick. She hits him maniacally.

His scull cracks. His brain splashes Ivy’s face. Ivy hits him a few more times. He falls on the ground. She continues to hit him. She runs out of air. She stops. She wants to throw away the hammer but stops. She remembers the last time she throw away the weapon she used against Jake. She keeps the hammer in her hand. She looks at Jake.

His head is totally smashed. She leaves the garage.

EXT. house garden – day

Ivy stumbles as she tries to get to the front gate. It’s still closed. She turns her head to the garage.



The circular saw cuts the wooden gate.

It cracks and falls down. Ivy throws away the saw and heads for the macadam road.


Ivy goes down the macadam road. Her leg calf bleeds. She can’t walk. She falls on the ground. She losses her strength and can’t move. She lays on her back.

SKIES – IVY’S POV : The skies are becoming cloudy. The forest produces STRANGE SOUNDS. SOUNDS OF SCREAMS AND MUMBLING are surrounding Ivy. She tries to cover up her ears thinking that everything is her hallucination. She losses her conscience. She tries to stay calm and get up. She hears SCREAMS AND MUMBLING like they are somewhere there but not that close.

The skies are becoming bloody and dark. Ivyn tries to keep her eyes open. The sheet bandage on her calf is also bloody. Ivy’s eyelids are twitching. She sees the skies as they loose it’s color and become completely dark. As she tries to keep her eyes open the skies become light.

Ivy lift upper part of her body a little bit. The nature looks normal. She gets up a little bit. SCREAMS become louder. Ivy is frighten. She tries to stand up. She falls again on her feet.

She gathers up her last strength. She breaths in and out very intensively.

Ivy gets up with great effort. She is on her feet. She continues to go down the macadam road. She makes a few steps.

SOUNDS OF SCREAMS AND MUMBLING are even louder. She hurries up.

She stumbles on the rock but she is still on her feet. She goes down.


Ivy staggers down the macadam road to the byway. SOUNDS OF SCREAMS AND MUMBLING are disappearing. Ivy smiles. She goes down in the direction of the road.


On the road Dakota sees a parked car.  She runs to it. She smiles with hope. Her leg hurts but she still runs.

She comes to the car. She opens the front door.


Ivy sits on the driver’s seat. She tries to turn on the motor. It doesn’t turn. She tries a few times.

Ivy’s face has a desperate expression as she can’t turn on the car. She tries over and over again.

The found car suddenly turns on. She turns on the lights. She stops.

She looks in the rearview mirror. She sees something on the back seat. She takes the hammer out of her pocket.

She quickly turns back. Her eyes are with terrified glance. She screams.

On the back seat BODIES OF A COUPLE FROM THE PHOTOS IN THE HOUSE lay next to each other. WOMAN is laying closer the floor. Ivy turns.

MAN is sitting right of her on the other seat. Their faces are mutilated, their eyes are removed and their faces are mutilated. Ivy tries to cry but she can’t.

She looks straight in front of here.



Young woman’s hand lays on the road. Man is beside her.

The found car drives away.

The found car turns left from the road and goes on to a road.

Ext. Road – day

The evening falls on the beautiful landscape. The found car heads fast in the direction of the city.


Ivy looks through the window. She looks at the row of birch trees. The trees look calm and almost idyllic. Ivy ironically sighs.

Ivy looks at them and turns her eyes on the road. Road is dark and long but it looks perfect. Outside everything is peaceful.

Ivy opens the window on driver’ seat. She enjoys the frash air.

Ivy turns on the radio. The station doesn’t play any program. She tries to find some station that has a program. She founds it.

SCREAMS AND SHOUTS are coming from the radio.

Ivy is shocked. She turns up the volume on the radio.


(scared, in panic)

It’s the end! The doom is starting! They are everywhere.

SCREAMS are heard from the back. GUN SHOTS AND BREAKING SOUNDS overpower the radio host.

Ivy is scared and confused.


Attention for all of you who didn’t take the vaccine – run as hell, run where ever you can. If someone you know – your wife, child, husband, parents, friends, neighbors – had taken the vaccine kill him immediately no matter who he is. If you don’t do that, they’re going to become insane, crazy killers! They’ re out for your blood. They’re going to kill you!!!

Ivy is petrified. She

BREAKING SOUND becomes louder. SCREAMS AND SHOUTS are unbearable.



They are coming here! I can’t hold on anymore. Remember – kill not to be killed, kill all the people you know who’ve taken it! Kill!!!

SPLASHING SOUNDS hits the microphone.  SCREAM cracks from the radio. The radio program ends.

Ivy looks in front. The road is dark and long. She looks forward without any emotion not knowing what to do.




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